perjantai 31. joulukuuta 2010

Millionth Day 1

Day 1
Phase ratings:
Core 5
Nap I 4
Nap II 4
Nap III 4
Nap IV 5

Average 4.4

Total sleep 5h 50 min
Total REM 1h 45 min
Total Deep 50 min

I had to estimate some numbers from my core, as my band slipped off before I woke up and put it back on. It has been doing that a lot lately, which tells me that I've tossed and turned more. Also perhaps it has gotten a bit loose, I should tighten it up. I feel great after the core, but you gotta remember that I've been literally oversleeping lately. Basically I've had both mono- and polyphasic tendensies. The "nap" lenght has been monophasic, but I've still felt like going back to bed with only few hours in between. I know I can't adapt back to monophasic and I don't even want to. So even a schedule that has low return in terms of hours gained is fine for me at the moment.

SmartWake didn't wake me, it went off something like 20 seconds after I had woken up. I doubt it will wake my many times during this, but I also hope that somewhere under 3h 40 mins would naturally be enough for me. Also hopefully that time is easier for me to wake up to alarm.

I missed the first nap but overslept quite nicely for the second nap. Nothing drastic but I just kept pushing it until it finally happened. It's the standard, all the mistakes possible - streching the naptime after not properly falling asleep, staying bed with only one alarm set, snoozing endlessly, etc. I spent nearly 2 hours in bed, but the exact stats were 1h 25 mins of sleep and 40 minutes of REM. I had a weird dream as well, though not a nightmare. Still, nothing too bad. Third nap overslept again, almost the same time, 1h 20 mins. So, yeah... I guess this data can be used as a baseline, or what I should aim once I get my numbers right. I'd really need another person at the moment to my corner, of course summoning the required discipline myself is a preferable alternative, but I just can't seem to do it at the moment. I missed the fourth nap as well, but that's little wonder after three cores.

I'll start also updating more regularly and throughoutly. Not because I think it holds really any value to you guys, but mostly because it helps me focus and gets me to correct mindset. It's impossible to succeed in polyphasic sleep if you're taking it half-assed. Well, it's impossible to succeed in anything that way, but now I'm getting too philosophical...

Frankly I don't think it really matters too much how many hours I gain. I've gotten used to going to sleep every few hours and that is the effect I can't and don't even want to get rid of.

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