maanantai 28. helmikuuta 2011

Change of Plans

I intended to postpone another attempt at least until April, but now I've decided to go back to Everyman starting tomorrow. Monophasic life has been okay, but I see no need to stay in it and the fact of the matter is that I lack structure when I'm not polyphasic. My dream recall has been reviving recently. I hope I can keep that up while turning polyphasic.

So I'm going to continue with similar program that I used earlier. I'm going to utilize Zeo with my core and my core will still be over 3 hours. I'm not going to do the extra morning nap anymore as the extension to core made it obsolete. Also I've started with Uberman every time I've adapted to Everyman so far, but I won't be doing that now, instead I go straight into Everyman.
Core: 1.30-(4.20-5.00)
Nap 1: 9.00-9.30
Nap 2: 14.00-14.30
Nap 3: 19.30-20.00

These nap-times, of course, might change a bit as I adjust them to simply work better, but this will be my quideline.

I don't know how accurately I'm going to update my progress here. Perhaps daily at least from the start. We'll see that as well. But I'm not going to bore you any more, that's all for now.