keskiviikko 30. maaliskuuta 2011

Into Everyman... Again.

I stopped my recent Everyman attempt... Or heck, I don't even know how to call it. Because in the traditional sense, the sleep deprivation isn't there anymore. However, I still oversleep like once in three days. So I'm like instantly half-adapted, but not fully. Because I'm not fully adapted, it causes my schedule to deteriorate eventually. The oversleeps get more frequent and eventually I just slide back to monohasic.

What was I saying? Oh yeah, I stopped. I stopped the attempt after 24 days. On eight of those days I slept over five hours. My average per 24 hours was 5 hours 44 minutes, which is kind of high. I got 1½ hours of REM everyday on average as I got deep as well. Deep sleep is constant for me - it doesn't matter whether I'm monophasic or on everyman, I still get the same amount of deep sleep. It's the REM that differs - I get 2½-3 hours of that normally, which is a lot.

So I guess I'd have to have 100 % optimization of REM & deep for my 4.5 hours of Everyman sleep to get my monophasic amounts. However, I don't believe that I need to have full amounts that I have usually. I think that 2 hours of REM will do well. That basically means that I need to get REM on all of my naps - that has not happened yet.

So basically my schedule has started to settle - My core is just over 3 hours, 3½ hours maximum but usually about 3:15 will do. I get two short spells of REM and all of my deep during that. My first nap is longer than the others because that is every time REM and I could probably go little over 30 mins and it would still be 100 % REM. Rest of my naps are the usual 20 minutes, but I can go a little longer as well if I feel like it, but I think that's unnecessarily risking an oversleep.

During my last attempt I didn't have traditional oversleeps on naps - however, I did have a number of times where I woke up too tired and once again didn't have the discipline to get up.

Core is the only spot where I sleep through alarm. Zeo is useless in that sense - I always sleep through it's soft alarm (I love the alarm, but it's just not heavy enough to wake up from core) - It's Immortal's One by One that blasts me awake every time.

That's all about that attempt. I've been monophasic for about a week now and I will go back to Everyman 1st of April. My brain has changed somehow because of these constant attempts and it's incredibly difficult for me to get to work mode while monophasic. When I wake up after 10 hours of sleep I already feel like day is half over and there isn't time to do anything so I just get very lazy. I know it sounds crazy, but that's because I am. I have honestly gotten a lot more done by 9 am. with polyphasic than what I get done all day when monophasic. It just completely shifts my lifestyle, it's like different mental frameworks are at work.

In other news, I'm working on a site about polyphasic sleep & lucid dreaming (and perhaps bunch of other stuff - that's still kind of a small niche) that hopefully will be online by end of April, but we'll see how lazy I can get. I still haven't written a word of it, just done research, and even that only a bit.

Speaking of lucid dreaming, my current Everyman absolutely rules in that sense - I'm getting more results than on monophasic ever! The first nap is sweet spot for getting WILDs and DILDs. It's weird because in the past I used to really struggle to even remember my dreams while polyphasic. I don't know what has changed, but I'm glad as it is.

My plans for summer have not changed, I hope to fully adapt to Everyman and once I accomplish that, I will go for Uberman. Then maybe in late July or in August I want to test out SPAMAYL.

tiistai 8. maaliskuuta 2011

My Plan Didn't Work - Let's Try A New Plan!

I'm frustrated. Not because I did fall asleep unintenionally again, but because I don't have any clue how long I slept. I woke up 7.30 but can't remember when I fall asleep. I was awake still at 6.00. Is that it? Did I sleep for 90 minutes?

Aargh, why didn't I get up or at least put the headband on as it seemed like I didn't have the discipline again. I'll mark it up as 90 minutes and next I'm gonna download keylogger to this computer as well to know when I last did anything. That will at least give me a clue about these unintentional sleeps.

In fact, now that this happened again I'm going to go with the flow instead of trying to fight it. So I want to fall asleep already after barely hour up. Fine! But now I'm going to really go for WILD in those spots, because I know that I'm highly likely to go straight to REM. The way I naturally go to sleep hasn't produced any WILDs in months of polyphasing, so I guess I have to just focus on it.

As I said, I marked that I slept for 90 minutes, but I can't be certain, it's possible I slept even only for 30 minutes. Thing is that I already feel like I'm liable to wake up naturally from that nap, which supports my urge to try to WILD during those naps. I'd just set the alarm to a clearly later time, either 45 minutes or 60 minutes and keep on shifting it later if I don't fall asleep right away. I also leverage the full potential of that REM-cycle that way. I usually had longer REM-phases than 20 minutes during my earlier attempts.

I just gotta play into the cards and even if I lose some of the efficiency, I still am very likely to mantain under five hours per sleep daily and I might get some WILDs to make this even more enjoyable.

I'm kind of frustrated it isn't tomorrow morning already! For one I want to make up for today's lack of discipline and also I am eager to try out this approach.

By the way, that idea sprang to me completely spontaniously during writing this. But it really does fit into what seems to be my body's natural cycle.

maanantai 7. maaliskuuta 2011

Snakes in the Paradise

This is starting to spiral out of control again. It's day seven now, and I again had problems, this time falling asleep for an extra hour. It's not too serious, I still can stay under five hours for today, which is my objective anyway.

The problem was once again staying in bed. Do what I say, and always get up immediately, not what I do, which is staying in bed, possibly staying there for the whole wake phase.

It didn't backfire for my first phase today, as I fel surprisingly good for the whole phase, but kind of hoped I could finally start sleeping again. When I finally could, I was again woken up by my dad, this distrupting me right in the middle of a sleep. I stayed bed and didn't fall asleep back right away as I was trying - there were still nearly 20 minutes until my alarm. I finally shifted the alarm later for few minutes and fell asleep. I woke up to alarm as intended, but again, for some reason, refused to get up and didn't even start doing anything.

Today's lesson is, whenever you get even a little bit of sleep, don't try to get more if your naptime has gone already. And remember yesterday's lessons.

I guess I'll set myself a minigoal of going right at the 5:00 to practice football during the next 3 days. That ought to snap me out of this pattern. If I do that, and get up right away from every nap, I'll treat myself to some... ultra-violence. Just joking, let's say chocolate.

sunnuntai 6. maaliskuuta 2011

First oversleep(s?) - Day 6

I woke up normally this morning, but instead of getting up and doing something, I just did the first deadly sin of Polyphasic sleep and just stayed there in the bed. I felt okay, but sleep can be tricky and the time passed so fast that I'm pretty sure I fell in and out of asleep. I didn't mind it too much, as even if I had slept the whole time I'd gotten 4,5 hours of sleep and that just the core for two-nap Everyman, and I definitely didn't sleep the whole time.

However, I did fall asleep some time later while listening to music, again laying down. Laying down per se isn't the problem, it's the fact that I to take action when I felt that I might start falling asleep.

But overall it's still not a too big of a deal. Minor setback. I still think I can keep my overall sleep for today under five hours. I estimated that I have slept four hours and twenty minutes today, which might be a slight underestimate, but it's close enough. I guess I should start wearing Zeo's headband whenever I'm tired, as the most frustrating aspect psychologically for me with these oversleeps is the fact that I dont know how long I exactly slept. Now I have decent indication though as I just need to check when my last song ended, and as it is it ended 30 minutes ago, so that's how long I probably slept.

This is annoying me a bit, but my only real goal is to keep and adapt to a schedule that required under five hours of sleep, so I'm still on my way to that if I keep this up. But yeah, the failure in itself doesn't bother me too much, it's the manner of it once again. Polyphasic sleep can really bring the worst out of people and it keeps on magnifying my problem's with self-discipline. I have to keep working on it. I know enough about polyphasic sleep that I shouldn't get arrogant, yet sometimes I still keep doing it.

So reminding myself one last time...

If I stay in bed...
...I'll do something!
....I'll Have an alarm set a few minutes away just in case.
...I'll stay there maximum of ten, maybe twenty minutes. Why would I stay longer, wasn't the point of this whole ordeal to gain more waketime? Why would I dump it by doing the same I would do when sleeping. Just doesn't make sense.

Also, if you start feeling tired, just get the fuck up and do something, you can't afford to keep lying down or sitting as it's DOOM for your polyphasic schedule.

Might seem a bit overkill to beat myself up so badly for such a small error that only sets me back one day at max, but no. I need to get these drilled in my head. It's been like 10 attempts on different schedules and it always seems to come down to this. Simply not taking the hint that my body was about to hit sleepmode and therefore falling asleep.

Lastly this means that I need to probably shift the naptimes slightly for the day, which is bad for overall schedule, but like I said, this will set me back and a day is probably how long for. For all the beating up of myself, I should take a look into some positives and the fact that I went for five days without oversleeps is kinda cool. However it weren't five days of perfect adherence because I missed naps.

perjantai 4. maaliskuuta 2011

Day Three, Over-confidence and Sleepiness

Hi guys, whatäs up? Decided to post on my progress so far.

So I'm on the fourth day and the first three days saw no oversleeps, but I didn't hit every nap either. The third and last nap has been somewhat tough for me, but last night it finally worked out too. What's been really exciting for me is the surprisingly good results so far. I'm tired at the moments as I just woke up from my core, but overall I've been feeling decent. There results Zeo is indicating at the moment are nothing short of amazing. My first nap has already been full-lenght REM-nap as it was in the original attempt. But it's not just the first nap - yesterday I had short bit of REM during every nap.

Problems haven't been there just yet, only tough spots has been the mornings and the evenings, but it's easy to strech for a little more in the evening - morning on the other hand, is more of a nightmare. I had my toughest test just now as there was a power break and I had to sit in the danrkness for a while. It's really tough when you're as tired as I am currently.

My is starting to settle at 3 hours and 25 minutes of lenght and Zeo seems to have picked up on my cycles as SmartWake wakes me at exactly same spot of the cycle every morning. I still start by getting all my deep sleep very quickly. The core finishes with one segment of REM - there is also a short segment of REM just after the deep sleep. Just makes me wonder overall, doesn't thig mean I have 4 cycles of REM? Well, I guess the short bit counts in the core, so it would be two cycles...

By the way I went really close to failure just now as I napped and accidentally left SmartWake on. It woke me up almost instantly after falling asleep, so I reset the alarm but apparently it didn't work right for some reason. I woke up 18 minutes after my alarm when my dad woke me up and asked about whether I should be going to the bus. I didn't have any other alarms on due to getting lazy / over-confident. But yeah, luckily I avoided the oversleep and while I woke up 18 minutes late, I had only slept 21 minutes overall on that nap, at least according to Zeo. Even if were a bit more it still wouldn't have mattered.

Other than that nap excursion I've enjoyed being polyphasic again as for now and I'm looking forward to having success this time.

I don't know what will I do this summer. I still crave for Uberman, so probably I'll try that for some time, but unlikely as much as last summer. Being monophasic would kind of suck though as I enjoy the nighttimes too much and sleeping during day is such a pain. But now I'm getting way ahead of things, I'll think about that more in the late April / early May.