maanantai 31. tammikuuta 2011

Just an Update

I gave up 3 weeks ago completely and went back to monophasic to reset my cycles. I have no readaptation planned for a while, I might keep monophasic until around April/May. Then I would hope to adapt to Everyman and finally in the summer to Uberman/SPAMAYL. But everything is hanging in the air the moment and my plans might change very much in the coming months.

I'm content being monophasic at the moment. Sure, I won't have time to do pretty much anything but the problem has always been time management for me rather than the actual time. When I'm using my 12-14 hour day efficiently then I might start thinking about adding more wake hours into the mix. Besides my lucid dreaming has really suffered from constant adapting to polyphasic schedules. Which is kind of weird since so many report improving on those. So yeah, I really want just to get back to good recall and eventually getting lucids again.

maanantai 3. tammikuuta 2011

I'm Mad at Myself

Phase ratings:
Core 4
Nap I 4
Nap II I
Nap III didn't bother
Nap IV anymore

Average 4.2

Total sleep around 7 hours
Total REM ???
Total Deep ??

I slept 3h 30 minutes for core, actually until the last possible alarm time. I went to sleep probably too late for SmartWake. It didn't matter, I felt fine. For the first nap I couln't sleep again, but decided to stay in bed. I finally got tired half an hour later and got my 15 minutes of sleep there. I really don't know what to do with that nap, perhaps I should shift it just later along with the second nap. I'll keep the schedule intact for the moment and get that nap late whenever I feel like it.

Crap. I kept pushing it in the second nap and finally overslept. For 2½ hours. This messes up my program.

You know, I'll return to you once I manage to string 7 days together again. No point of having million Day ones. So next time I'll post I'll be talking Day Eight. It might be 6 months from now... Or week from now.

sunnuntai 2. tammikuuta 2011

Day 1 of 2011

Phase ratings:
Core 5
Nap I 4
Nap II 4
Nap III 3
Nap IV 5

Average 4.2

Total sleep 4:00
Total REM 0:55
Total Deep 0:45

Again I'm feeling great right off the bat after core. SmartWake woke me after 3h and 10 minutes of sleep, so it's not much more that I need, though it's too early to say anything. That's really the thing I hate about this, it takes so long to be sure of anything. But if it stays like this, the first nap will really become obsolete. I again missed it, though I got a little tired for it, but my mind was racing too much and I couldn't calm down.

I had a bit extended second nap, but nothing serious. The urge to stay in bed was extremely strong though. The third nap was weird. I barely close my eyes, yet it felt like I had slept for a while. I slept like minute or two after naturally waking up - so short time that even the Zeo didn't register it. I'm certain I slept though. I had a slight out-of-schedule sleep while watching football nearly two hours later. I slept accidentally around five minutes. So nothing serious going on here. The last nap was as standard as it gets, though I had hard time getting up. When I did though I never had any more trouble.

lauantai 1. tammikuuta 2011


Day 2
Phase ratings:
Core 5
Nap I 3
Nap II 3
Nap III 4
Nap IV 4

Average 3.8

Total sleep 6h 05 min
Total REM 1h 35 min
Total Deep 1h 10 min

The extra time for the core seems to be making a world of difference. I woke up easily to the SmartWake after 3h and 20 minutes. However, the fact that the last alarm time was still 20 minutes away made my lack of discipline rear it's ugly head again. I fell asleep again, waking up only after my cellphone went off, luckily. The first nap was missed again, which makes me think that the extra sleep in the core might make this nap obsolete. However, I did sleep after my alarm went off for the core and I did sleep nearly 6 hours yesterday AND I did sleep practically two weeks monophasically prior that. So basically it's too early to know. Once I start to really hit adaptation again, I might appreciate that 20 minutes there.

As for the second nap, I had normal light sleep nap there, but yeah... You guessed it I didn't get up. I tried to read a magazine on the bed. I ended up hitting snooze for three hours while sleepin in short bursts. I marked it up as 2 hour sleep, but I didn't have Zeo headband on so I have no clue how long I exactly was asleep.

But the basic message here is that I suck. New year starts tmorrow, so I'll call that another day 1 (I know it's getting redundant) and reset this. However I'll remember the number 4.4 as the aim for phase rating average.

I hope the fact that I'll going to have a full schedule again tomorrow will help me get up instead of slacking off.