tiistai 29. kesäkuuta 2010

Biphasic Day 8.2

Nothing much special going on recently. I've been more tired at times that I'd want to, makes me wonder whether 4.5/1.5 split is enough for me or if my body just haven't got used to it yet. Still I'm rarely tired enough to nap. I'd be glad to throw in a nap of 20 minutes every once in a while to get used to napping again for my forthcoming Uberman attempt, but I don't get tired at the right times. I don't like napping too close to my normal sleeping times so that it doesn't interfere with my established napping rhythm.

I guess that's all for now.

sunnuntai 27. kesäkuuta 2010

Biphasic Day 6.2 - Some Interesting Shit

Day six started with me being tired, so very tired that I took short half an hour nap only couple of hours after waking up. I don't think I slept very many minutes, but anyway it helped me to got through the day. I took my 1,5h nap a little later and I'm once again a bit tired but at least I was having REM.

This relative drowsiness every time I wake up should be subsiding.. I at least expect to feel more rested once my body is fully adjusted.

lauantai 26. kesäkuuta 2010

Biphasic Day 5.2 - Body Wants to Do Uberman

I felt tired more than usual during the day despite oversleeping a bit. I don't know if that the blame, but I slept only 30 minutes or maybe a little less on my nap today. In fact, I should still be sleeping but I woke so soon and felt very refreshed so I can't get back to sleep. Maybe I'll supplement this with another short nap in few hours, maybe not. We'll see. At the moment I feel pretty good though.

perjantai 25. kesäkuuta 2010

Day 5.1

I actually overslept for a bit. It's not dangerous, but I slep a little over 5 hours. Though I guess I have some sleep-debt so it might be just good. I'm a bit groggy now. but it'll probably go away.

Biphasical Day 4.2

While biphasical clearly increases continuity and the length of days, it isn't overall nowhere near as strong feeling that you get with Uberman.

When it comes to my nap, I had a great one. I slept the whole time and woke up relatively effortlessly. My core sleep wasn't that good - I was tormented by mosquitos and therefore woke up constantly. It was amazing how many times I woke up considering I just slept four hours. Despite this, I had no problems staying awake during the day. This is going really well so far.

torstai 24. kesäkuuta 2010

Biphasical Day 3.2

These short naps just keep feeling weird. The feeling of time gets really warped during them and I feel I'm constantly waking up. I'm not sure if I really am waking up. I also feel that I'm in between sleep and awake for loong streches. It's only about 90 minutes, but it feels like a full night. It's probably only my changed perception as these first 90 minutes are completely forgotten in a normal night of sleep.

But when it comes to mental clarity and restedness, I feel good. I've had some waves of feeling tired, but they were really short, like few minutes and I never really had to fight to stay awake. Nothing near it. It's problem-free so far. I feel like I could permanently changing to biphasical as it makes me a few hours more already. Also big thing for me that got me interested in polyphasic sleeping was the fact that I could stay up all night. I really enjoy night in the viewpoint of solitude, silent morning walks in the twilight, etc. but with normal sleep patterns these were out of my reach, as you need to be awake at day normally. But polyphasic sleeping including the kindergarten version, biphasic sleeping really overcome this problem. There's 16 hours a day awake, more continuity as you're never out for that long, more effective hours where you're feeling rested and energetic.. This is great stuff. It's like having a cake and eating it too.

That said, I will go for Uberman in July, no matter what. Biphasic is nice, but 2 hours a day is what is all about, as well as instant REM. Instant REM is the holy grail I'm after.

keskiviikko 23. kesäkuuta 2010

Bphasical day 3.1

Another groggy wake up, another sleep period full of trouble. I actually woke up last night thinking that I would have to fight or something when in reality there was nothing. Getting up after four and a half hours is hard as hell.

I think I'm going to strech the core sleep a bit. I don't think I've reached the third REM stage for once. 1,5h and 5h should do it without losing that much time.

EDIT: Oh wait, I actually recalled dream. Not sure though whether it's from earlier cycle or that I managed to hit the third cycle after all. But it's a sign of improvement for me.

Biphasical Day 2.2

I had fine first half of the day, slept well, felt alert and a little more creative than usual. Now I woke from the nap and I'm feeling pretty tired again. Neither of my naps have been full 90 minutes during the first one I woke up about 70 minutes into sleep and got up and this time I woke after like an hour. I did continue sleeping before my alarm went of. Both times my nap has felt really shallow sleep, like I'm semi-concious all the time.

My dream recall has taken a severe hit in these starting two days, but besides the naps and it, there haven't been any other problems so far. I haven't remembered one dream in my four instances of sleeping so far.

tiistai 22. kesäkuuta 2010

Biphasical Day 1.2

I had a decent nap, but I realized that I need to change schedule for few hours later, as I can't nap everyday the time I planned.

This means some further difficulty, but I don't think it will be that hard.
It's around the time I should be getting to sleep if I were going with my original schedule, but as I'm not I still have a few hours to to stay awake.

These are my sleeping times now:
Core: 9:30-14:00
Nap 0:30-2:00

The waking-time after the core period is a bit longed but I doubt that will be a problem. I'm beginning to get tired just on schedule right now, unfortunately I still have four hours to go. But this is still nothing compared to how I felt at times during spring.

maanantai 21. kesäkuuta 2010

Biphasic Sleep day 1.1

I'm not going to go intensely detailed about this, let's save that until I start trying uberman again.

The timing off my first core sleep is a bit off, I slept 9:00-13:30, and the only time I have to nap is 19-21. Therefore my core sleep should've been 5.45-10.15 to be exact on the opposite side of my nap. I hope that doesn't cause problems. I awoke pretty much on my REM sleep, so I'm not feeling completely destroyed, but I was still somewhat tired and took a gamble by lying in the bed awake for a while.

I don't feel much worse right now compared to say, sleeping 7-8 hours. I've gotten used to a least 9 hours, so even that made me a bit tired.

Going Biphasic

I decided today that I'm forced to go biphasic in terms of my sleeping. I just don't have enough time to do anything while World Cup is on with monophasic sleeping. Besides, since I have already planned to try Uberman again in July, this will work as an excellent preparation for it. Being 'just' biphasic sleep the adjustment shouldn't be that tough. From what I've read it should take around a week. I'll be starting with the usual 4.5-1.5 split. I think it is important to hit the right waking time (the REM-stage) so getting up is as easy as possible.

The reason I have no time right now is simply World Cup. I'm watching football 6 hours a day and writing about it around 2 hours to add to that. Add exercising, writing stuff (I've challenged myself to write a short story of at least 1k words every day this month) and other everyday stuff and I don't have any time for free timedumping. Cause I want it all, I'm going to steal a few hours to my day by going biphasic.

maanantai 7. kesäkuuta 2010

Retake Imminent

It's been almost three months of not posting now for me. I've returned to standard boring monophasic sleep after my failed attempt, but I find myself constantly longing for all the extra time polyphasic sleep afforded me.

I don't know when I'm going to try again, it might be today, it might be month from now. All I know is that for sure I'm going to do it.

I really could start now. I know I'd need the extra time, as I'm vastly behind on my World Cup preview writings. On the otherhand, could I write it with all the sleep deprivation? Could I watch the tournament while being zombified? Probably not. So I must hold my horses and wait until after tournament, when there's literally nothing for me to do anymore.

How the hell I'm gonna avoid failure this time? I don't know, maybe I hire my brother to make sure that I don't oversleep ever again. Something needs to be done - my phone isn't enough to wake me up once the going gets rough.

That was my only problem really - failing to ever maintain the schedule. I just overslept all the time.

I'll try again, and this time, it's personal.