maanantai 21. kesäkuuta 2010

Going Biphasic

I decided today that I'm forced to go biphasic in terms of my sleeping. I just don't have enough time to do anything while World Cup is on with monophasic sleeping. Besides, since I have already planned to try Uberman again in July, this will work as an excellent preparation for it. Being 'just' biphasic sleep the adjustment shouldn't be that tough. From what I've read it should take around a week. I'll be starting with the usual 4.5-1.5 split. I think it is important to hit the right waking time (the REM-stage) so getting up is as easy as possible.

The reason I have no time right now is simply World Cup. I'm watching football 6 hours a day and writing about it around 2 hours to add to that. Add exercising, writing stuff (I've challenged myself to write a short story of at least 1k words every day this month) and other everyday stuff and I don't have any time for free timedumping. Cause I want it all, I'm going to steal a few hours to my day by going biphasic.

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