perjantai 26. helmikuuta 2010


I overslept totally and then at the morning I just said 'fuck it' and did it right, sleeping four hours more.

I'll give it another shot in few days, but I'm right now sick enough to just concentrate on healing.

One thing I have to think about is how to make sure I wake up on time. My phone's alarm has failed me before, it failed me now and it will fail me in the future. I gotta have a back-up planned.

torstai 25. helmikuuta 2010

Day 2.1 - Hardest moment so far

Now that a full day is behind me I'm starting finally to feel it. I feel extremely drowsy. The nap made me even more tired and it seems that my dreamy state isn't going anywhere, considering that I've been awake already half an hour. It's also final that I'm sick, I probably have high temperature. It's really not helping, but I have to think of it as a coaching for the coming days. It will get much harder than this.

Day 1.4 - Slightly Tired & Polyphasic links

Funny to think that I've yet to be one full day on Dymaxion. It feels like I've been on this for ages. I've not had that much trouble yet, but I shouldn't have had anyway. I'm bit tired after every nap, but that's what to be expected. I've noticed some decline on my cognitive abilities. For example, I was about to eat few hours ago and took fork & knive, but then forgot the plate. Though I tend to do this kind of stuff without tiredness too, since I'm so absent-minded.

Anyway, I've been reading some stuff about polyphasic sleep, here's couple of links. Again, these are very standard and you probably know them if you know anything about polyphasic sleep:

So what I read from that site pretty much confirmed what I already knew about Dymaxion; there's no reliable data of anybody actually pulling it off. That's bit offputting (is that a word?), but I'm still determined to follow through on this experiment. If it doesn't work out, I might transition to uberman. That would be great too.

I did some exercise today. I'm also feeling a bit sick. That might contribute to my tiredness. It's funny cause I haven't fell ill for like two years. Could it be that sleep deprivation is lowering my resistance? I have still one hour to stay awake before next nap. Can't wait.

After The Second Nap - Thoughts on Sleep Deprivation

Alright, napped second time now. I actually didn't sleep much more than 20 minutes. But that's okay since I overslept the first one.

I actually feel pretty good. I'm refreshed despite I felt at the moment I awoke that I hardly had put my eyes close.

So it's Day 1.2 now for me using the normal formatting for polyphasic sleep.

My main point of this point is to reflect on some of my earlier experiences on sleep deprivation. I'd guess I have more experience on it than average person. Starting around 7th grade I really didn't like sleeping. On schoolday's I might have gone nights with three hours of sleep and at the end of the week the accumulated sleep could've been something like 30 hours - half of that on the weekend. It's not that I naturally sleep little, since now that I've slept as much as I want I've been sleeping around 9-10 hours every night. People thought that I'm insane and I were. The point of this is that I handled it pretty well - I got good grades etc.

When I got older, I started to appreciate sleeping more, but after school I still had to handle army before starting to sleep as much as I please. In the army there was many camps where we had to handle sleep deprivation. I remember one week when I slept all together about 10 hours. Everyone was pretty zombified after that, including myself.

After army and after failed attempt to get into university, I had finally time to sleep all the time. Like I said, I usually sleep 9-10 hours a night. So no chance of sleep deprivation? Wrong answer. I have huge problems in mantaining a regular sleeping pattern when I have no reason to get up early in the morning. I might start waking up eight in the morning, but sure and steady my sleep will drift and in the end I'm sleeping the time between 6-16. That's messed up. When I reach that point, I'll usually reset my cycle by staying awake for straight 24 hours and going to sleep after 16 or something. Return to the start point and repeat. What this means is that I'll stay awake for straight 24 hours at least once a month. It's a piece of cake for me now, I'm so used to it.

We had LAN party last fall, and I happened to go through the end point of the cycle once again. We usually stay up 'til after midnight playing, so I couldn't go to sleep on my usual time, somewhere between 18-21. I ended up staying awake straight 28 hours and then slept 6 hours. Then on the last two days we decided not to bother going to sleep last night. So we all played the last 25 hours straight! If I remember correctly, my sleep the night prior the LAN Party had been inadequate too. So that's pretty intense sleep deprivation there! When I got home I obviosly passed out pretty quickly.

What the point of this post is basicly that I should have the means and experience to handle the sleep deprivation I get in adaptation phase. I know that this will test my willpower, but staying awake 6 hours straight doesn't seem that hard. We'll see. I think that the bigger challenge for me is not to oversleep (my phone's alarm has let me down many times.. Perhaps I should have backup plan).

keskiviikko 24. helmikuuta 2010

First Setback Already

The only question is that is this really setback since I've hardly gotten forward. First nap and I oversleep. I fell asleep before putting alarm on so I slept for two hours. Luckily that's not catastrophic. I'm going to continue as planned. My naptimes are going to be:

I'm already pretty tired and feeling the sleep deprivation. I'll return with more stuff soon.

Despite sleeping nearly two hours, I didn't remember any dreams.


This blog will be about my attempts in achieving Dymaxion polyphasic sleep schedule. If you're somehow stumbled here, you'll probably know what it is, but in case you don't know, I'll explain shortly. Dymaxion sleep schedule consists of four half-an-hour naps with 5.5 hours of wake time in between. It means 22 hours of wake time a day, which is without saying a lot. Sounds perfect, right? Well, there's one problem - the transition phase. I'll have to go through insane amounts of sleep deprivation before my body adapts by making all the sleep REM-phase sleep. That's what makes it possible to sleep only two hours a day while mantaining functionality.

The transition phase is said to be pretty intense and there's pretty much no data of succeeded Dymaxion attempts. The other polyphasic sleep patterns have some bloggers and such who've come through the adaptation and lived this lifestyle for sometime, but in Dymaxion you'll pretty much only find failed attempts. There's not much of studies anyway about polyphasic sleep, most data that one can gather via internet is through bloggers. I'll return to this in future posts.

So if Dymaxion is so hard, why did I choose it? Why didn't I just go for bit easier (still extremely hard) uberman schedule or even easier alternatives? Well the main thing for me is the flexibility. 5.5 hours awake is so much more than four hours of uberman, so it's easier to fit the rest of my schedule into the equation. Not that I have that much of it, but still. Lastly there's of course the fact that I'm just plain crazy and love putting myself to impossible challenges and then berating myself when I fail.

I created this blog some point last fall (don't remember exactly, I guess I could look it up somewhere but I'm too lazy), thinking that I would be trying this soon. It didn't happen though, mainly because I really couldn't go through the transition phase so I didn't even try. Now on the other hand situation is changed and I really want to try this. I really have nothing blocking me, I have no job, I'm not studying and I really could use the time. There's also the fact that I'm wasting most of my time! I'll obviously have to work on that but now I might get so much more done while mantaining the time-wasting levels (of course I'll do my best to lower them, but at start I'd imagine it would be hard with the sleep deprivation and all).

I'm actually already a bit sleepdeprived already after watching last night some olympic hockey. I don't know how much I slept, but that's going to be my last 'real' sleep for a while. I just wish my body is good at adapting.

My Plan
So what will I do with all the time I get? My main point is to play much more poker, study harder for applying universities and do much more creative stuff overall. Of course at the start of the experiment I won't be doing all that much of anything productive. Maybe I'll try to do some crazy creative shit, but nothing seriously writing or anything. I won't be trying to play poker at the start. Mostly I'll probably just waste time watching tv or something - Olympics hockey is on so I'll spend most of my time watching it at the start, hehe.

Poker will be my main indicator how well my brains are working. If you're not familiar with poker you'd might think it's game of luck, well it's that too much mostly it's skills. I'll be evaluating how well I'm thinking during the games and if I'm making good decisions. But this is not and will not become a poker blog, so I will not delve into any game situations, just maybe some overall talk about how my game's are going.

I'll be also doing some light exercising at the start (I'm currently a bit injured, so I can't do anything to hardcore) and gradually increase the load. I gotta be careful though that I don't burn myself out with the decreased sleep.

How long I will go on? I'd say at least to may, if it works out. If it doesn't, we'll see. I really doubt I can go on for the summer since I'll start training more intensely in the summer (I play soccer).

Who Are You?
Oh yes, that. I'm 21-yeard-old guy from Finland, as I said no job and no school. Among poker and soccer my interests include writing, I enjoy gaming, especially making my own stuff for games (like missions, I have made tons of missions to Operation Flashpoint). I'm also decent lucid dreamer, I can do at least a few of those every month, though I'm always looking to improve.

I use nickname Jakro for most forums, so if you spot anyone named Jakro, there's good chance that it's me.

Oh and one last thing: I'm not native english speaker, though I think I'm decent. If you notice some grammatical errors or bad phrases or anything like that, please bitch and moan as much as you can, otherwise I'll never learn.


Everythings ready. I'll get the first nap once I get tired, I won't bother before that. After that I should be tired enough for the rest of the naps.