keskiviikko 30. maaliskuuta 2011

Into Everyman... Again.

I stopped my recent Everyman attempt... Or heck, I don't even know how to call it. Because in the traditional sense, the sleep deprivation isn't there anymore. However, I still oversleep like once in three days. So I'm like instantly half-adapted, but not fully. Because I'm not fully adapted, it causes my schedule to deteriorate eventually. The oversleeps get more frequent and eventually I just slide back to monohasic.

What was I saying? Oh yeah, I stopped. I stopped the attempt after 24 days. On eight of those days I slept over five hours. My average per 24 hours was 5 hours 44 minutes, which is kind of high. I got 1½ hours of REM everyday on average as I got deep as well. Deep sleep is constant for me - it doesn't matter whether I'm monophasic or on everyman, I still get the same amount of deep sleep. It's the REM that differs - I get 2½-3 hours of that normally, which is a lot.

So I guess I'd have to have 100 % optimization of REM & deep for my 4.5 hours of Everyman sleep to get my monophasic amounts. However, I don't believe that I need to have full amounts that I have usually. I think that 2 hours of REM will do well. That basically means that I need to get REM on all of my naps - that has not happened yet.

So basically my schedule has started to settle - My core is just over 3 hours, 3½ hours maximum but usually about 3:15 will do. I get two short spells of REM and all of my deep during that. My first nap is longer than the others because that is every time REM and I could probably go little over 30 mins and it would still be 100 % REM. Rest of my naps are the usual 20 minutes, but I can go a little longer as well if I feel like it, but I think that's unnecessarily risking an oversleep.

During my last attempt I didn't have traditional oversleeps on naps - however, I did have a number of times where I woke up too tired and once again didn't have the discipline to get up.

Core is the only spot where I sleep through alarm. Zeo is useless in that sense - I always sleep through it's soft alarm (I love the alarm, but it's just not heavy enough to wake up from core) - It's Immortal's One by One that blasts me awake every time.

That's all about that attempt. I've been monophasic for about a week now and I will go back to Everyman 1st of April. My brain has changed somehow because of these constant attempts and it's incredibly difficult for me to get to work mode while monophasic. When I wake up after 10 hours of sleep I already feel like day is half over and there isn't time to do anything so I just get very lazy. I know it sounds crazy, but that's because I am. I have honestly gotten a lot more done by 9 am. with polyphasic than what I get done all day when monophasic. It just completely shifts my lifestyle, it's like different mental frameworks are at work.

In other news, I'm working on a site about polyphasic sleep & lucid dreaming (and perhaps bunch of other stuff - that's still kind of a small niche) that hopefully will be online by end of April, but we'll see how lazy I can get. I still haven't written a word of it, just done research, and even that only a bit.

Speaking of lucid dreaming, my current Everyman absolutely rules in that sense - I'm getting more results than on monophasic ever! The first nap is sweet spot for getting WILDs and DILDs. It's weird because in the past I used to really struggle to even remember my dreams while polyphasic. I don't know what has changed, but I'm glad as it is.

My plans for summer have not changed, I hope to fully adapt to Everyman and once I accomplish that, I will go for Uberman. Then maybe in late July or in August I want to test out SPAMAYL.

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