maanantai 4. huhtikuuta 2011

Three Strikes and You're Out


So I overslept today - it was the good old lack of discipline thing. I either should just practice getting up so much it becomes a pavlovian response to shut down the alarm and get up or just have many more alarms scattered across the room. I read about an alarm that shoots a ball when it goes off, now I do want that! But yeah, it wasn't bad oversleep, 30 minutes extra on core and 30 minutes extra on first nap.

I've recently decided exactly what I consider as a failure. For core, anything over 3h 30 min is an oversleep. First nap can be a little longer than the others, so I allow 35 minutes for it - I want to try WILD with this nap. The other two naps have 25 minutes max each. I guess that's really tight, but it's better to have tight standards than loose.

So how many times can you oversleep before you might as well quit? Well, in my experience, three times is a good guess. Obviously if you keep trying you're going to have a few oversleeps more before the schedule completely crumbles, but I feel that after three oversleeps you have lost all the momentum and have no chance to adapt.

That means I can still fuck up once before I might as well give up. That said, if the third oversleep happens too early in the month, I'll still keep trying, just trying to prove me wrong.

I haven't made any progress on the site (god I hate being lazy). I'll at least go through a tons of sleepwrite I've made here in case I find something useful for the site.

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