keskiviikko 13. huhtikuuta 2011

I Must Get Rid of Oversleeping

The details of the morning are a bit in the dark for me, but I did oversleep heavily after seven days of near-perfect adherence - only failed day was the day I last blogged where I had a 20 minute oversleep. I had gone through tough middle period of the week and I was starting to feel better.

This morning, I felt okay. I even typed it on the computer. I'm still keeping records on every phase with the old 1-5 scale. I had put 3 for the morning.

I made the obvious mistake of staying in the bed for extended lenght. In fact, I could from now on consider it a failure - whether I sleep or not - if I don't get up right away. That said, I did remember that after some time of that lying around I was getting up, after all I had already marked data into my records. But I don't know what I did do after that. If I continued to lie around, what the fuck man? It's never acceptable to stay in the bed after waking up, or hell ever, except when you're feeling very good. Then you can do it while you read magazines or watch tv or whatever.

I'm rambling a bit. I gotta get going, my schedule went FUBAR because of that oversleep, so I have to do some stuff that was supposed to have been done YESTERDAY.

I'll proceed as normal, but this time with even stricter conditions of failure.

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