sunnuntai 24. huhtikuuta 2011

"Lucid Dreaming" Schedule Ended Up With No Dreams

It's true, my twelve day streak of dream recall is at ruins. I didn't remember any dreams.

But, on the wakefulness front the new schedule feels promising even as things didn't go perfectly today. I feel compelled to write in old log style as I'm again on a new schedule, so let's go through different phases quickly.

Sleep: 3:22 / REM: 0:44 / Deep 1:33

Core went as I expected after an oversleep - I got all the sleep necessary for it. I was slightly tired upon waking up, but it was no challenge at all to get up. I woke up 5-10 minutes after my REM period was over, so if this keeps up, I need to shorten the core just slightly to hit the right spot. That said you can't put too much emphasis on this as it was after an oversleep.

Nap 1:
Sleep: 0:14 / REM: 0:06 / Deep 0:00

Well I guess I was really well rested after the core as I had huge trouble falling asleep for the first nap and even then it wasn't 100 % REM as it usually is. If this continues, my plan with this schedule might be in ruins. That said, this was probably one-off coincidence.

Core 2:
Sleep: 1:08 / REM: 0:15 / Deep 0:16

This was a little short, I aimed for 90 minutes, but I am not used to getting back to be so early. If this falling asleep problem continues with this nap, I need to shift my schedule a bit, which would be unfortunate, as the current time for this is a perfect fit. In fact, everything is perfectly as it is, I'd hate to break the status quo. That said, REM and Deep during this weren't as I expected them to be. I had really short phase of both in the middle of the nap. I expected something like a bit of deep half an hour in and after that some light sleep, then a long REM phase. Once again, I can still expect anything from this nap in tomorrow, perhaps I even manage to get this to the lenght I intended it.

Nap 2:
Sleep: 0:13 / REM: 0:03 / Deep 0:01

Once again I had trouble falling asleep and even though I shifted the alarm a bit later I still fell short of the intended nap lenght. As previous "core" was nothing like I expected it to be it was a little surprise that this nap would not work as it was intended to do. If I'd get the second core to act like a real core, then perhaps this would serve as an another high-potential REM-nap. We'll see.

Overall the day was very, very good. I felt completely alert all day without a hint off tiredness. I had my lazy moments, but they weren't down to physical or mental fatigue. This was probably the best day of the year so far when it comes to mental state. I wasn't very productive, which is unfortunate, but I expect things only to get better from here on.

Oh, and here are the totals:
Sleep: 4:57 / REM: 1:08 / Deep 1:50

Hell, that's more deep sleep than I get even while on monophasic. No wonder I feel so great! With normal, 9 hour monophasic sleep I do get about 2.5-3x the REM though, but maybe that isn't so important? Besides, I slept just over a hour less than intended and my naps didn't have the effectiveness they should have had, so there's potential to get over two hours with that. If I'd get that big numbers, I'd think we've found a keeper. I can totally see myself using this schedule permanently, after I'm done with all the testing of different schedules.

But whoa, I'm getting way ahead of myself. There's no quarantee that I can keep even these results up. Perhaps it will start to deteriorate just like normal Everyman did. Perhaps not. I'll tell you more about it tomorrow.

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