perjantai 8. huhtikuuta 2011

Day Two's End - I'm Tired

I've adhered perfectly now for two days. According to Zeo though I didn't sleep on couple of naps yesterday and one on today, but that's a bit bizarre when the graph shows a bit of sleep on every one of those. What's important though is that I remember sleeping, so I've marked up only a couple of minutes of sleep for those naps.

I'm very tired, the most tired I'd been for a while. I'm just writing this to stay awake for the last 10 minutes before I can go to sleep. My schedule basicly sets itself up for about 4½ hours of sleep / day, but I've gotten barely 4 hours, which basicly makes it more like standard Everyman. But it's the naps where the sleep is lacking - the core and the first nap are longer than usual still.

I'm still playing around with the core lenght. I thought I had it figured out but this morning, despite having 10 minutes more than yesterday I didn't get the second REM cycle which left me fucked up for the whole day. Yesterday I managed to get it fully, this time it didn't even start by the time my alarm went off. So today I'm probably going to sleep the full 3½ hours my schedule allows. We'll see what happens.

I put that bounty on my head also by the way, but I don't even know if anyone knows. I just put a note on the refridgerator that has my sleep times and that tells if you catch me sleeping outside those times, he/she who reads must wake me up and collect the reward. I don't know if it will matter at all, especially since most of my oversleeps come around 5 am, when nobody else is awake.

God I'm tired. I gotta go now, just going to grind couple of minutes more awake. I'm gonna pass out soon. Tomorow morning's gonna be tough, but I'm constantly psyching myself to push harder.

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