torstai 28. huhtikuuta 2011

Logging New Schedule Day 2

The first day was a catastrophe in terms of nap lenghts and such and to be honest while I managed to fulfill my own criteria of success this second day was still far from perfect.

The main core was nearly perfect though. Great amount of REM, decent amount of deep sleep. Overall I've gotten less than usual deep sleep during the past two days. It's a bit weird, but I'm not worrying about it.

As for naps, both were extremely short. I guess the lack of sleep deprivation is making it hard for me to fall asleep. Still I did get to sleep for a short while and the results from the evening nap were encouraging as I got five minutes of REM out of 10 minutes I was asleep. In the past over 60 days I've been polyphasing I've only had twice more REM on that nap, so considering it was only ten-minute nap that's great.

The other core was decent. I was asleep nearly the time I was supposed to, 1:25, but that was split as I woke up shortly after falling asleep. Like I've said, we are still long way from drawing conclusions, but that core had super-short amounts of REM and deep. So it still is for the most part ineffective. There's also no data yet to deduce the optimal lenght of it. I think I need at least a week before I can say anything. Meanwhile I'll keep that core around 90-120 minutes.

First nap, my usual money nap in terms of dream recall and lucids, was so short that Zeo didn't even register anything. However I felt that I was shortly asleep and I even had some vague recall of a dream, so it didn't just suck.

Overall stats for the day are: Total sleep: 4:55 / REM: 1:28 / Deep: 1:16
Effective part of the sleep 2:44
Percentage of the total: 56 %

That's a fair percentage, but I am confident that it can be improved from this at least slightly. I would aim for 65 %, but we'll see if that's too ambitious. Better than that would be amazing.

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