perjantai 22. huhtikuuta 2011

Another Oversleep, Changing Schedules

This morning, for first time in a few months, I genuinely slept through my alarm. Usually I just fall asleep again after waking up to alarms, so I guess in that sense this was more acceptable. I'd had my fill though, it just doesn't seem that I'm going to adapt to Everyman, even to my slightly looser version, not at least now.

I'm switching to another variation of Everyman I came up with. My schedule stays mostly unchanged, just the second nap turns to another core. I have a clear idea what I'm expecting of it, but of course I need to see it in action to see what happens. Lets get to it.

Core - 2:00-5:30
This has varied a bit for me during the Everyman, but overall 3½ hours seems the best for me, I get two short phases of REM and all of my deep sleep here. However, with normal Everyman this would change for some reason - I would only get one phase of REM and wake up very messed up. I believe that this is a part of adaptation, I just need to fare though that phase. However, I believe that the second core changes things, because oversleeps have reset this. Always on the morning after an oversleep, I've had a lot better sleep quality with my core and I wake up less tired. So let's hope that the added sleep to nap helps with this.

Nap 1 - 9.00-9.30 - "Lucid" nap
I have gotten plenty of lucid dreams during this nap. Why? Because it's all REM!

Stats tell you all you need to know: In last four days, average nap lenght has been 25 minutes, with 21 minutes of REM. In earlier effort this month it was 16 minutes of REM in 20 minutes of sleep. I know that this nap works like polyphasic naps should work, so no need to change anything.

Core II: 13.00-14.30
I'll be starting with 90 minutes, but I'll see how my body reacts. All I want is a one solid phase of REM and possibly a few minutes of deep sleep. I want to time my waking up perfectly in the end of REM. It might be best to have two hours here, or I might be able to do that with 60 minutes. We'll see.

Nap 2 - 21.00-21.30
I don't know where to put this nap to be honest. Usually I have a longer break between 2nd and a third nap, so maybe that's even more approriate now given that I sleep longer during the day. Anyway, I hope that the second core has the same effect as the first and gets me to have REM during this nap as well. I mean just overall this schedule seems perfect for having a lot of lucid dreams.

It shouldn't be too hard to adapt either, but we'll see. I guess the biggest challenge for me will be, once again, to get up once alarm goes off. In a sense this is more of an biphasic schedule with naps, so it shouldn't be too hard. I should have 6 hours of sleep everyday, so this doesn't even win me that many hours.

In a sense this is just a preparation for the real deal. I plan to stay on this schedule for at least a month. If it doesn't seem that I'm fully adapted to it in last week of May, I'll return to monophasic for a week to clear the worst of sleep debts away. Then it's time for the real deal: Uberman. June will be spent on that. If I don't adapt, I'll switch to SPAMAYL in July. August will still be open to pretty much anything. I hope that I do adapt to something. That said, I'll probably have to return to monophasic for last week of July, it's all still open

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