sunnuntai 10. huhtikuuta 2011

Day Four - Zombie Mode

Remember last summer (if you were around here) when I wrote some weird shit half-asleep? Well, I'm in that mode now. Probably the first time that has happened under Everyman. I've been tired, but no as tired as this.

Overall there's something weird going on with this effort. It's a lot harder than it's supposed to be. I've been tired all the time. I guess that's because for once I've actually somewhat of adhered to the schedule. Today was the day I slept the most, 4½ hours, just the amount my schedule is supposed to provide. My average for four days is now exactly four hours.

I'll still trying to survive until 2 am, it's now only 0:45 here, so over a hour to go before core.

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