sunnuntai 5. joulukuuta 2010

Day Seventeen

Sleeptime: 3:00-6:00
REM: 15 min
Deep: 85 min

I slept just the time I was supposed to, yet I feel like I failed. I woke up a couple of times during the core - the second time I woke up around 5.30 but didn't get up. Or I don't know, something like that. By 6:00 I was up however so it doesn't really matter, for some reason though I feel a little dirty. The numbers are fine. I'm feeling reasonable, not great but I'll manage. For the first time in a while I feel like failing is possible again though. Maybe once I get a couple of successful days in a row I'll start feeling more confident...

Nap 1
Sleeptime: 8:15-8:30
REM: 10 min
Deep: 0 min

Consistency of earlier days is completely gone. A bit of REM here and I though I slept more, but whatever. I'm much more tired than few days ago as well. That oversleep yesterday taking it's toll or rather normal adaptation?

Waking up from the core there was this certain disorientation that I felt during Uberman as well. So I don't know, maybe for me the toughest spot is here right now? Also I haven't put that many days in a row without oversleeps, so my guess it's there's still overall slight sleep deficit accumulating. Those last two naps have no REM nor deep sleep after all usually. I should just concentrate on keeping a consistent schedule at this point.

Nap 2
Sleeptime: 11:40-12:00
REM: 5 min
Deep: 0 min

I'm tired again. I'd just wish for more REM. This might be a tough day.

Nap 3
Sleeptime: 17:20-17:40
REM: 5 min
Deep: 5 min

Well at least there was something. What I'm happy with is that there was maximum amount of distractions for falling asleep, yet I managed it fairly quickly. I was a bit late, had just come from playing hockey, there was tv on, I was sweaty, etc. etc. I nap solidly, that's all. This phase has felt pretty good also.

Nap 4
Sleeptime: 22:35-22:40
REM: 0 min
Deep: 0 min

At least I fell asleep - not a great nap. It was a bit late as well. That said, I tried to expand on it by giving myself another 10 minutes, but couldn't fell asleep again, so it did refresh me. Overall I feel a lot better than during the day. Perhaps it was just the occasional fatigue that will still happen, especially since I've had a few oversleeps.

Total sleep 4h
REM: 35 min
Deep: 90 min

Solid deep, but REM sucks. I wonder why I am not getting the regular REM in the noon naps anymore?

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