maanantai 20. joulukuuta 2010

ZQ Record

Well it didn't go as planned. I slept through all of my alarms with such a ridiculous ease that I in fact made my record ZQ. Over 9 hours of sleep with over 4 hours (!!!) of REM - ZQ was a nice and solid 106.

I thought at first that I'll have a few days break going monophasic but looking at those stats, that indicate a lower light-sleep percentage than a month ago, made me realize that it might get worse and I won't be wanting that. However, it is clear that I'm simply not waking up to my alarms. Not at least on my core sleep. Then it came to me, an easy conclusion - get rid of the core! I've woken up to my alarms so far on my naps every time, so I'll just return to Uberman and get myself retrained to getting up instantly. Here's my new nap schedule:

I'd hope to string at least 12 naps together (obviously adapting to Uberman would be awesome, but I'm not really expecting it - just using it as a tool to get going again) and get back to my napping groove. I might give myself more chances than just one oversleep, but we'll see. Once I decide to go back to Everyman I'll probably figure out some more hardcore ways to get up as well, because I don't expect the core to being troublefree anyway.

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