lauantai 11. joulukuuta 2010

Day 24


I won't be bother with the ratings for today as I really overslept for the first time in 24 days. I strung 23 days with under 5 hours of sleep a day in a row before oversleeping with today's core. 6 hours was my total today and I will be doing my naps normally as well, I mean I missed one of them already but I'll do the rest like nothing happened.

It's a real click in the teeth. I didn't feel like I was adapting but I think this was unnecessary. I simply went back to bed for some reason when the alarms went off. Another disciplinary thing ruining everything. I don't know what to do with that but simply decide, that I WILL NOT GO BACK TO BED UNTIL CLOSE TO NEXT NAP. I won't even take a blanket with me when I go sit at computer if I'm cold. I'm just going to endure it. But yeah, I could deal with oversleeping if it were not so god damn long. Losing that under 5 hour streak sucks. But now it's time to start a brand new streak, without mistakes for the next 60 days! (In my dreams).

The fact is, that the history will continue to repeat itself unless I change something. I need to:
- Recognize when I'm tired and act accordingly - no slow activities then.
- Like I said, get up and stay up. No compromising. I need to just figure out a good punishment for myself for not adhering it. That said, I don't fully like just springing up the instant my alarm goes off, because that kills my recall, but I guess I don't have a choice until I adapt.
- Take my tiredness seriously - I have had slight attitude problem toward the tiredness Everyman causes. It has never gotten anywhere near as unendurable as Uberman got, therefore I'm being a bit arrogant towards it. I might not be as heavy as with Uberman, but it still can drag me to sleep so I really should reread combating narcolepsy section of PureDoxyk's book.

Only thing I haven't come to conclusion about is the alarms. Should I space them out evenly or have them go off close to each other? If I go for decent gaps, that just going to invite me to stay in bed a little longer ("I'll lay down 'til the last alarm"- and then you sleep through it). On the other hand, alarms close to each other can cause it to be more or less one getting up to shutdown alarms. That might not be enough.

I'm going with the best of both worlds from now on - Zeo goes off first, then my computer almost instantly after it. It should create some psychological pressure to get up for Zeo before my computer wakes up the whole house. Then have my phone sound it's alarm 10-15 minutes later as a back-up. I'd like to have a fourth back-up too now when you think of it, but I guess this is fine.

Sucks that it happens now as well. I mentioned earlier that I'm attending an event and hoped I'd be adapted by then. We'll the event is 6 days away and I overslept, so... fuck.

So in the end it's just another failure but I think I had a pretty good run and I'm definitely improving in this, just shame my initial level is so horrendous that I'm going to take an effort after effort to adjust. Besides, I don't know what's my record of most successful days in a row, but it can't be even a week if you count every minor fuck-up. So that's something definitely need to break - the barrier of seven days of adherence. During the fist attempt even two days was too much for me, so I like that I suddenly got better, but I still need to improve a lot for it to really count.

My napping times are near-perfect for me, so I won't be changing them. I could make them more evened out, but I start making those tweakings only is everyhing is going perfect yet me being tired. I'm falling asleep on every nap so in a certain sense my body is in the zone for napping.

Also this is the most drastic fuck-up for my daily schedule since the beginning as it's pretty much the only spot where I had some kind of routine going on was the first phase.

I didn't really desing my rating system and such for days like these, so I won't do that today. I have a little over an hour before my next nap, so I'll try to do some stuff I was supposed to between 6-9.


I'll just cover all of the naps in this - basicly they went without problems despite the oversleep. However I was more tired than usual in the evening. But yeah, nothing special going on. I'll start off from the scratch trying to form a new streak of successful days. This time I won't be settling on seven days, I'll never oversleep again unintentionally! That's putting the bar high, but I've noticed that when the bar is high I fare the best, even if I never make it that far.

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