perjantai 17. joulukuuta 2010

Day 30

Rating: 4
I woke up from the core and definitely the dynamics of my sleep have changed since the errorfree days, but I hope my brains can quickly switch back, otherwise I might have trouble coming up. My schedule is also about half an hour late so I'll take Naps 1 & 2 a bit late. Nap 2 will be the last thing I report before Sunday.

Naps 1 & 2
Ratings: 4 & Pending (probably 5)

I cheated a bit again on my rules. I stayed on bed after the alarms, but there was little danger of me falling asleep. During the second nap I laid down for full 30 minutes after waking up because my cat protested loudly to me trying to get up.

These are the last updates that will come to the blog until Sunday. See ya.

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