keskiviikko 15. joulukuuta 2010

Day 28... Not Adhering Perfectly Yet

So basically this is the deal at the moment - I completely fucked up everything last night, but only slightly in terms of Everyman. I didn't go to sleep on time for the core. So when I finally went to sleep, I decided that fuck it, I'm going to put the alarm for the normal waking time. I went to bed 90 minutes from the alarm time, but was not tired. So in the end I tossed around for 30 minutes before falling asleep.

I know what you're expecting. I overslept, right? Wrong. I got up after 62 minutes of sleep (according to Zeo) and felt pretty good straight away. Actually that's my best core awakening in a while. Weird. Anyway, I'm not counting this day as perfect yet. But at least I don't have to fuck around with my sleeping times.

Speaking of them, perhaps I still should. Those times that I have work perfectly, but I'm just wondering whether the phases should be more even. I'm just worrying about adaptation, nothing else. Perhaps that's nothing. I mean the fourth nap should make sure that I'm getting enough everything, regardless of how naps are spaced. My shortest phase is 2 hours of wake-time and longest is 5 hours of wake-time, so neither sound anything outrageous. I can't move the last nap any closer to core so that really limits how much I could change the schedule. But I guess I keep it. I am already enjoying the predictabilities of it, mostly the certain-REM noon nap. I would love to make that a WILD nap.

In terms of lucid dreaming I still very much struggle. I had decent dream recall last month, but for some reason there has been no trace of it during December. I hope it improves. But getting up for alarms all the time with great hurry kind of doesn't fit with that. But enough reflection, I need to get back doing other stuff. See ya tomorrow with normal updates... I hope.

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