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Day Thirteen

Day Thirteen
Sleeptime: 3:05-6:00
REM: 25 min
Deep: 90 min

Damn I got much deep sleep again. For once I got to bed early, 2:20, but just coulnd't fall asleep until that 3 o'clock. At least this time I woke up somewhat naturally without needing Immortal's blasting drums to shake me up.

Nap 1
Sleeptime: 7:20-7:25
REM: 0 min
Deep: 0 min

Well that's surprising. I fell asleep for a moment and then was simply so refreshed for some reason that I couldn't fall asleep again for the last minutes of naptime. First time in a while that this nap "fails" I suspect that some other nap will take it's place and I'll still rack up 2 naps worth of REM.

Nap 2
Sleeptime: 12:10-12:25
REM: 15 min
Deep: 0 min

I've waken up naturally from both of my naps now. How 'naturally' is debatable though, as in both times I've zapped awake after getting some kind of awareness of the fact that I had already woked up once and therewore were oversleeping, when that wasn't the case. Weird day so far overall, but I'm happy that I don't have problems waking up.

Nap 3
Sleeptime: 17:15-17:30
REM: 0 min
Deep: 5 min

Nap 4
Sleeptime: Missed nap
REM: 0 min
Deep: 0 min

I experienced a switch of state, but didn't fall asleep, not at least according to Zeo. As I still felt rested after it, I consider this still a success. Even if it were a failure, missing a nap is lot milder offence than oversleeping.

I just figured out something. If those two later naps are so ineffective anyway, why waste so much time on them? I should just reserve 20 minutes time on each. I know I'm supposed to reserve that much time for every nap, but in reality I need a bit time to fall asleep. If I'm not going to fall asleep anyway in those naps or only catch five minutes of REM, I can do it in 20 minutes as well. I need to test this shit out. After all, I have four naps instead of the usual three, so it just might work. At the moment I'm pretty much taking 3h 20 min + 30 min + 30 min + 35 min + 35 min of time for my naps which equals to about 5h 10 mins. I could trim it down plenty by being more timely. Something like 3h 10 min + 25 min + 25 min + 20 min + 20 min = 4h 40 min. Well it's not that big of a victory, but even half an hour a day is 3½ hours in a week.

I'm not fully adapted yet, but at this moment there's no significant chance of failure anymore. I would call this a success already. Now it's only about optimization.

Total sleep 3h 30 min
REM: 40 min
Deep: 95 min

Decent numbers. Decent feel as well. I could've probably done with more REM, but I can deal with that.

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