tiistai 30. marraskuuta 2010

Day Twelve

Sleeptime 2:50-6:05
REM: 5 min
Deep: 75 min

Bizarre core. Again I failed to wake up straight to Zeo's alarm, and it was Immortal's blasts that once again woke me up. I'm glad that my alternative alarm is so effective, but why am I constantly needing it? Almost no REM and while there were plenty of deep, even that was a lower number than lately. I tried to go to sleep 2:30, but I couldn't fall asleep right away so I didn't even get the extended core that I'm curious to see the effects off.

Next two naps should work like a clockwork though. Expecting 30+ minutes of REM.

Nap 1
Sleeptime: 8:05-8:30
REM: 20 min
Deep: 0 min

Don't look so surprised. Nothing to comment about this anymore. Except that my dream was nightmarish again now that I remember it. Really, what's up with that?

I hope that my next nap is as predictable as this.

I wonder when these moments of fatigue go away completely. It's nothing bad that I can't handle and it's relatively close to sleeping time, but still I'd like to get rid of these.

Nap 2
Sleeptime: 11:40-12:05
REM: 15 min
Deep: 0 min

Yeah, it was pretty much as expected. That said I'm currently sleeping so consistently through alarm that I'm going to... wait for it... change the alarm sound! The exciting world of Everyman...

Nap 3
Sleeptime: 17:20-17:30
REM: 0 min
Deep: 0 min

Another unsurprising nap. I might as well cut this if it doesn't get useful. Still, it's relatively early days so maybe I should just give it more chances. I need to take the last nap a bit early today by the way.

Nap 4
Sleeptime: 21:35-21:50
REM: 5 min
Deep: 0 min

Another quite useless nap. I'm not exactly sure if the numbers went like that, but it was short nap again with max of 5 mins of REM.

Total sleep 4h 30 min
REM: 45 min
Deep: 75 min

A weaker day in terms of numbers today, but I actually felt quite good except for the morning.

Third successful day in a row after that dip in form.

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