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Day 3 - Uberman Botched Pretty Fast

Day 3.1
Overslept heavily. I set off the alarms and got back to bed, what was I thinking?!! It was just very bad discipline, that's all. Well, there's always another attempt. It's just not my cup of tea to shift during the winter.

So I'll be shifting to Everyman. Uberman was always going to be just one shot. I'll have to figure out what is the best schedule and where the core sets itself, but that we'll see.

I could of course just set it to whatever I need, but I think that following natural urges is better. Around this would probably be good:
Core 4-7
Nap I 11.30
Nap II 16.00
Nap III 22.00

That would be nowhere near perfect, but it would be good enough. But like I said, I'll probably follow natural urges as much as possible. Of course there's the urge of wanting to go back to sleep right away. In short, I'll try to hit the first nap around eleven. With those times that I just wrote, every waking up should be much easier than 2 am. and 6 am. wake-ups with Uberman. BTW I'm planning to use SmartWake on my core naps, as I usually get all my deep during the first 2½ hours. No need to sleep anything extra. Looking my baseline data made me feel like adding a fourth nap would be good, but I don't know, I never seemed to get to sleep for the fourth. Or rather I was late for every nap and in the end they spreaded out more like three naps.

Oh, and by the way I catched nice REM-phase from after oversleep "nap" (rather extension to the oversleep), where I used Zeo. During the oversleep I didn't have it on. Kind of gutted for the whole ordeal, I would've wanted to go on longer. I'm just not ready yet to be an Uberman.

I guess I should have some system to block myself from doing any decisions just after waking up, especially during the night. People have said that keeping yourself in the middle of something is a good way and it probably is, but I still doubt that with my discipline I'd care. I've skipped stuff just to oversleep.

I'll update the rest of the day here later as it goes on.

Nap 1
Naptime: 8:55-9:30
REM: 10 min
Deep 0 min

Okay, I got the schedule all figured out. Today's naps will be all over the place obviously, but tomorrow will be the official first day with this schedule:
Core 3-6 Smartwake
Nap 1 8-8.30
Nap 2 11.30-12
Nap 3 16.30-17
Nap 4 22-22.30

It's kind of paradoxical that four naps is at the same time too much and too little. At least I'd think. Baseline data suggested that I get tons of REM and Deep sleep. Deep isn't a problem as I will get all of it from the core if my polyphasical sleeping corresponds with monophasic, but I want to supplement REM as much as possible. I lose just a bit of adaptability and time, but most likely get easier adaptation and more chances to recall dreams. Now how will I avoid the same problems as last time? Well I realized that I can force issues by just going to sleep way earlier than usual. If I go to bed 11.00 for 11.30 nap, I'm almost bound to get some sleep before clock hits 12. It's all a function of how tired I feel and how much distractions there is around. The fact that I'm sleep-deprived means that I am bound to fall asleep eventually for every nap.

The schedule has the shortest nap-intervals close to wake up. I'm not very functional in mornings anyway and don't need flexibility there. I think I can safely have 5-hour wake-up phases without feeling tired, especially once I adapt.

Nap 2
Naptime: 13:05-13:30
REM: 15 min
Deep 0 min

Nice, solid nap. Like I said, I'm going to be all over the place today and definitely not gonna get four naps. My third will be the last today as I slept too much during the night. I'm getting restful naps, that's great stuff.

Nap 3
Naptime 20:45-20:50
REM: 0 min
Deep: 0 min

Quick nap where I only managed to hit light sleep and even that barely, still strangely refreshing. That said, I wasn't particularly tired before it.

I'm actually tired already at 1 am., but I'm sticking to my schedule and going to just wait it out to 3 o'clock.

Quick totals:
REM 25 minutes
Deeå 0 minutes

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