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Diving Into Another Adaptation

So, I've been living monophasically for couple of weeks and although it has totally killed my productivity, I've been enjoying it for the past few days. Mostly because of Zeo. I'm taking part in their polyphasic project, so I got one free.

I'll be starting with an Uberman adaptation, but that's not my main objective. My main objective will be to adapt to Everyman, however, I'll be starting with Uberman because it gets my brain to "napping-mode" faster. I've noticed that once I've been on Uberman about day and a half falling asleep for naps changes somehow and gets much easier. My brain turn off from monophasic falling asleep-mode, where it can take a hour to fall asleep.

With Everyman I struggled constantly to fall asleep for my naps. I hope I avoid that by starting with Uberman. If I push through the adaptation without oversleeping with Uberman, I'll obviously stay on it as it's my holy grail. But I really suspect I can do it. I think that the chance is 1/1000. But I'll seriously go for it.

As for alarms, there's of course Zeo. Then there's my phone again, I'll set it always to 5 minutes later. Then finally there's my computer with Immortal's One by One as wake up track. That should blast my brains away and at least wake up the rest of the house if it doesn't wake me. I finally have three proper alarms that I trust.

Napping times will be similar to earlier. Waking up-times will be on even hours, as it's harder to fuck-up while tired on those. The usual 2:00, 6:00, 10:00, 14:00.. etc. I'll post my usual logging like in previous adaptation efforts. I can't post my Zeo data in graph form, as they haven't made that possible (yet), but I can always read them right away from Zeo and will be telling my findings in written form.

I feel like I'm well equipped this time to fight oversleeps and stuff, but I know that it's going to be tough. Especially with all the coldness and the warmth of the bed... But I feel like I'm under the eye of the others more and feel more pressured to succeed. I feel like I work better under pressure, I hope that holds true with polyphasic sleep as well.

Baseline Data
Zeo of course gave me interesting data about my monophasic sleep. I'm "gifted" sleeper, if you could call it that. I averaged over 2½ hours of REM everynight (record over 3 hours!) and about 1½ hours of deep sleep. No way that I can squeeze that into two hours, but that's not the point anyway. My longest inidividual REM phase was 1 hour and 20 minutes long! I didn't even know that was possible!

As for the deep sleep, I worked like a clockwork. Every night, after 2½ hours of sleep, I had gotten all of my deep sleep. That sounds like perfect for Everyman. Get all my deep from core and then supplement it with REM-naps. Other than that there's not much regularity. I sleep well and rarely wake up. I guess that's all, there wasn't anything other worth noting in that data.

Keeping Myself Occupied
It's important to have stuff to fill those 22 or 20 hours you get during the days with stuff. I like just chilling, but for the first week or so I shouldn't be just sitting around doing nothing, that's like asking for unintended sleep! Luckily I have LAN party on the plans with my friends, so practising and testing the games and all around preparation for those will take chunks of my time. Also I've been watching movies with project-like attitude, trying to fix the fact that there is many classics I haven't seen. That said, movies are not the best stuff to do while on the most intense part of the adaptation, as passively just watching stuff gets you to fall asleep easily. So best save that for about 6-7 days in or during the first couple of days. Same goes for football. I have many matches that I have on my computer that I just haven't had time to watch earlier, just waiting. Also there's my other blogs and football site where to write. To top that off, there's also NaNoWriMo going on, and I'm heavily behind on my schedule, so I'm not going to run out of things to do.

On those heaviest bouts of fatigue the best course of actions is first to play very stimulating games, either first-person shooters like Modern Warfare II, or something intense like TrackMania Nations. I love that game, it gets you really fired up. I played that tired couple of nights ago and then went to sleep - it took me over a hour to fall asleep, so that shit really works. At some point games will fail you though and you just have to get up from your arse. Then the next step up when your body is really seriously trying to force you down and it gets painful to stay awake. Then it's just light exercise and cold showers to keep yourself.

I'm still very worried about night-time. I have been sleeping normally lately, in other words, during the night. Not during the day like prior to previous adaptation. That means that my toughest spot is going to be the night, not morning like in that adaptation. I can't really move around much during the night. I guess walks in the dark are an alternative but it can be really scary, even when you know there's nothing there. I guess the adrenaline from being scared could help staying awake, but it makes coaxing yourself to go for night walks harder. Especially when you're tired. But I have to keep that in my arsenal as an extreme measure. During the day everything is easier of course.

But these are just the things that I've been through many times already, so I'll just end this before I start repeating myself more. In short, looking forward for this adaptation, especially with the help of Zeo and it's data. I really love Zeo's alarm sound, it wakes me up but is so soft that other people stay easily asleep. Another worry is if it is too soft when you're super-tired, but we'll see and there's of course the back-ups as well.

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