torstai 25. marraskuuta 2010

Day Eight

Sleeptime: 3:00-6:00
REM: ???
Deep: ???

My Zeo botched up the data so there is only stuff from the last half an hour. I was totally dead upon waking up as well. I'd say that the dynamics of my core has changed, I've been needing full 3 hours lately. I could've really used the data now.

Nap 1
Sleeptime: 8:05-8:30
REM: 15 min
Deep: 0 min

Nice nap, but I'm really shooting myself in the leg with my constant snoozing. I've set Zeo's snooze to go off every minute, so it's not like I fall asleep while it's on when I'm constantly turning to snooze. That said, I'm conditioning myself NOT to get up as the alarm goes off which is the backwards thing to do.

Nap 2
Sleeptime: 11:45-12:05
REM: 20 min
Deep: 0 min

Perfect nap. I can safely say that some of my cycles have been reprogrammed by my brains. It seems core has changed due to that as well. I guess what I'm going to do next is shorten the core even further. I could go longer as well, but I don't think that's the right way to go. As it stands Smartwake haven't been finding good spots to wake me up lately from the core, because the spot where my deep sleep transitions to more REM oriented sleep is too early. I don't really know, perhaps I should give it a couple of days more. The problem is that the last night's data was skewered by Zeo so I don't know how my cycles went. I guess I'll wait it out for another night before changing anything.

Nap 3
Sleeptime: 17:00-17:10
REM: 0 min
Deep: 0 min

A little tough nap again, I shifted it ten minutes later but that didn't help. Luckily, I did catch a little sleep, but it was all light.

Nap 4
Sleeptime: 21:40-23:40
REM: 10 min
Deep: 30 min

Well I'm disgusted. Staying in bed after alarms finally caught up with me. I made the mistake of not putting any alternate alarms on. I don't remember whether Zeo went off, but it wasn't enough to get me up. I woke up according to it. I sort of remember it, but not well. Terrible oversleep and a lesson in humility for me. I guess I'll do another core not to fuck up too much my schedule. I'll aim to got to sleep at 4 am. and to get up normally.

I won't bother with the totals, the whole day is messed up.

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