perjantai 19. marraskuuta 2010

Everyman Day 2

Or what should I call it? It's based off standard 3 hour + 3x20 min everyman, just motified to correspond more with my natural cycles. In a dreamworld it still would mean that I get a similar amount of sleep.


Sleeptime 3:00 - 6:05
REM: 10 min
Deep: 70 min

We keep the deep sleep and get a little less REM. I didn't get up when the alarm originally went off, I kept sleeping for a while as you can see. I don't really think that as an oversleep though, my cores are supposed to be 2½-3h after all.

Nap 1
Sleeptime 7:50-8:30
REM: 35 min
Deep: 0 min

This seems to be the money nap. I got to bed a tad too early, but I don't mind - If I'm going to have that much REM, why not take it? It's not like I'm productive or anything anyway during that first phase. At least yet. It was another nightmare though, I tried to protect my cats from a beast and ended up surprised by some teens, one of whom got behind me and cut my neck open with a knife. I'm messed up.

Kind of streching things as well. Only one nap into the day and my sleep-tally is already up to 3 h 45 min. Still if I average the supposed 3x20 min from the rest of the naps I haven't even slept five hours. I'd also say it's likely that I'll have only 10-15 minutes nap or naps today.

Nap 2
Sleeptime 11:25-12:00
REM: 25 min
Deep: 0 min

Again a bit longer nap than I originally intended because I went early to bed. Still I wake up straight from the REM so what could be better? I need only 15 minutes of REM in the remaining two naps to equal with yesterday.

Nap 3
Sleeptime 16:55-17:00
REM: 5 min
Deep: 0 min

Struggled to sleep despite being tired and going to bed well ahead of time. Possible cause is the lenghty naps, but I also had distractions. Compared to yesterday though I didn't lose much REM.

Nap 4
Sleeptime 21:40-22:00
REM: 0 min
Deep: 5 min

I woke up from deep sleep, but wasn't that tired despite that.

Total sleep 4h 45 min
REM: 75 min
Deep: 75 min

Similar day to the first. Nothing special going on. I'm still feeling fairly good for the most of the day. When I start to feel good after core and the first nap, that's when I'm starting to adapt, I'd think. But yeah, I really need the tighten things up, aim is to have 4 hours of sleep, not almost five. I think 4½ hours should be the absolute maximum. Those slight oversleeps really add up, but I don't think they matter too much at this point.

Plan for tomorrow:
Core: Get up when the Smartwake kicks in. Almost always after 2.5 hours.
Nap 1: I'm probably zombie in first wake phase, not able to function much, but I still need to wait it out as close to 20 minutes from waking as possible. I really enjoy that long REM, but aborting it probably will help to get more from next nap.
Nap 2: I still will be a little tired, and should have no trouble falling asleep for the nap. I can give myself a bit more time, but still under 30 minutes for the nap.
Nap 3: This is where I've struggled on both days, but restricting sleep during morning and noon should make me a bit tired. Still, I'd give myself a bit more time to fall asleep, of course taking into account how tired I am and the possible distractions.
Nap 4: Final nap is tough as well and I should give myself plenty of time to catch this nap as well. Almost always heavily distracted nap.

Of course in the long run I can't keep giving myself long times to fall asleep, as it would kind of beat the purpose of this whole thing. My hope and expectation is though that once my body adapts and gets used to things, it can fall asleep for the naps fairly easily. But for the first weeks I'll just aim to getting everything right, regardless of how hard I have to attempt to get asleep for those naps.

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