torstai 16. joulukuuta 2010

Day 29 - Third Fuck-up in A Row

Well okay now I really need to figure out a solution to my core oversleeping. Again slept for 7 hours and I'm probably getting back used to monophasic, if not ruined everything already. I seem not able to string two days together. I mean if I could do some days properly again I'd probably see the extent of the damage, but at the moment that looks impossible.

It didn't look too bad in the morning when I woke up, realizing I've overslept 4,5 hours. "Okay", I thought "well it was just a 4,5 hour core. Some people use that as their schedule and it's okay sometimes". But then my tired mind messed up and decided to have the first nap right at that instant, since it was time for that. That was a mistake, I shouldn't go to bed so close to previous nap.

But basically, yeah, I slept through my alarms twice, or I don't know, maybe I woke up but just didn't get up. I don't remember. I had the phone as a back-up that was supposed to go off 6:20, but I guess even that didn't move me.

I just need to stop the cycle probably. I'll check the data.

Looks very normal, monophasic stats. I guess the proportiong of useful sleep is slightly up, but very slightly about one or two percent. I don't know what they should be, probably monophasic sleep would still be similar even after long spell of polyphasic. I had woken up during the original alarm, probably to my computers alarm. But the second alarm, I had no data of being wake there, so I suppose I slept right through it. Now that I can set Zeo off asleep it's as useless as any other alarm. I don't know, I guess I need the whole set - more alarms (and more effective ones) and better rutine for waking up from core. By that I mean what stuff I do right on the alarm.

I am understandably very frustrated. This fucked up everything for the day as well, there was stuff I had planned to do.

Oh wait, I remember morning - or not exactly, but I remember how I woke up. My alarm song had gone for some time, as it always starts with a calm part, but it was blasting away already at the point I woke up so I must've struggled to get up. But after that I still don't remember what happened. I probably didn't think straight.

I just noticed 26th day is missing. I wonder what's up with that? I probably just forgot to post, as my spreadsheet shows normal data.

But yeah I need to figure out more alarms so I have more to shut down. An increase the difficulty of the current ones. The first step is to simply make up I stay awake. If I have long project of shutting down the alarms, well perhaps that in itself shakes me then up enought that I don't feel like going back to bed.

That said, there' only one normal night anymore. That event I've been talking about starts in friday. I will sleep tomorrow night normally, but after that it's shift to foreing environment. I can't really have loud alarms as well because there's other people and it would be ankwatd to wake them up at 6 am. Luckily Zeo is very calm alarm - a little too call even for me.

But basically I was sounding desperate at the start of this post and I probably was, but I was just making a meal of the situation now that I've reflected through it. I mean it fuckin' sucks that I overslept and I've probably ruined everything (always expecting the worst), but it's really not a hard problem to solve. Core being the problem saves a lot of hassle as well, I don't need to use million alarms on other naps.

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