perjantai 10. joulukuuta 2010

Day 23

Phase rating: 3

I had easy time getting up, well relatively to other core's at least. There was strong urge to just sleep a little more, but some alarm continuously killed this need off quickly. After some time awake the tiredness crept in as usual, but I used the old ace, Trackmania Nations to repel it.

Nap 1
Phase rating: 4

You won't get much closer to genuine oversleep than this. I decided to stay in bed for few minutes after waking up, reading magazine and trusting that my computers alarm will wake me again in a few minutes if I happen to fall asleep. Well, I had not put the audio cord back in, meaning that the alarm was silent. I did fall asleep as well, but luckily I woke up in five minutes. This time I had the censor on the whole time and it confirms the data. I really need to get more disciplined, that was a close call. I wonder how those extra 5 minutes and such affect the adaptation... I guess adversely, but only slightly. The original nap was all REM, the extension was light sleep. I'm now exactly in the pace to get 4h 20 min of sleep today and REM and deep numbers look fine as well.

I felt surprisingly good for pretty much the whole phase - yesterday's high numbers getting rewarded?

Nap 2
Phase rating: 4

Solid, about 20-minute nap with some REM and also a bit deep sleep as well.

Nap 3
Phase rating: 5

Playing hockey shrugged the little tiredness that was left off. The nap was basic stuff.

Nap 4
Phase rating: 3

I sort of dozed off for some time briefly after waking up. That wasn't long time, maybe 5-10 minutes at my computer, but still, I don't know what to think. I guess it's such a short mistake that perhaps I just shouldn't care, but still, I it's these small mistakes that are stifling me at the moment.

Okay, I checked it (I was watching a video when I dozed off, so judging by the timeline I could deduce how long I was asleep) and it turned out that I was about 15 minutes asleep. Adding this to my nap it combines to half an hour of sleep, which is not that bad, but I don't know. I consider this a failure.

From now on, I want completely mistake free days. I can bear these mistakes, but I don't want to be stuck in this half-adaptation forever. I want to be extremely disciplined from now on.

Total sleep 4h 30 min
REM 1h 5 min
Deep 1h 15 min
Day rating: 3.6

The oversleep in the end meant that I slept again a bit more that what is the plan. I don't mind too much, and the numbers are decent again. I felt okay too and I hope that I can beat my record in the feel rating tomorrow.

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