sunnuntai 12. joulukuuta 2010

Day 25

Phase rating: 3

Well that was probably the best core sleep so far. Changing my alarm order and rhythm worked as I was up from my bed at 6:03 without the usual "10 minutes in the bed until computer's alarm goes off" -routine. I also have felt quite good during the phase after the initial groggyness wore off. I mean, for a core sleep. There was only 55 min of deep sleep, but humongous 50-minute junk of REM at the end of my sleep more than makes up for that. It was all in a row. Looks awesome on my Zeo.

Nap 1
Phase rating: 2

I feel fine now, but I was pretty close to falling asleep earlier. That said I probably wouldn't have as I picked up a glass (double points for it having liquid inside) when I started feeling drowsy. If If I'd fallen asleep I'd gotten an apt punishment, a wet surprise. I cheated a bit here - I picked up the blanket after all to ease my coldness and I did stay for 3-4 minutes in the bed waiting for my computer alarm. I guess I should still have it closer to my normal alarm. It might as well be my main alarm as it's the only one that actually gets me properly up. I'm going to keep my current arrangement though. The nap itself was basic light sleep failure of a nap. I had 5 minutes of REM in the end of it, but that's pretty worthless. I guess the next nap has been the most consistently REM-including, so hope that is the case now as well.

Nap 2
Phase rating: 1

Well the streak won't start today. I dozed off for five minutes while watching football and while I could let that go, I'm not going to as I'm going to have a strict line from now on. I guess I should figure out some sort of punishment from these unintentional sleeps. The second nap itself was perfect, 20 minutes of REM.

Nap 3
Phase rating: 3

I was still tired during this phase and I fell asleep a few minutes early for my nap. Also I woke up late, my alarm had been on for a while.

Nap 4
Phase rating: 4

Yeah I finally started feeling alright during this phase. Nap was okay.

Total sleep 4h 40 min
REM 1h 40 min
Deep 1h 00 min
Day rating: 2.6

Pretty bad day - I slept slightly too much because of the oversleeps and felt bad all day. Most of it was watching football, though. Being passive just doesn't fit with tiredness, it just adds to it. If I'd played the whole day or written stuff etc. I would've been alright. I won't be watching football for over a week now (expect for tomorrow evening), so that shouldn't be a problem anymore. After that I'll simply get up and watch while standing if I start to feel sleepy.

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