tiistai 21. joulukuuta 2010

Day 1 of Another Uberman

Well just a quick update, I'll edit this to summarize the whole of day one later. But just approaching my third nap and I'm struggling to stay awake. So I decided to use one method I developed while on Everyman - picking up glass full of liquid. It worked like a treat, my lap is now all nice and wet with milk. At least I didn't fall asleep.

Alright here's the first day's update - most of naps went as planned, I missed one and overslept on one. I'm not too concerned about it yet as I'm just easing myself into this. I've felt excellent the whole day except prior the oversleep, which by the way lasted four hours. Tomorrow I'll crank the discipline a bit up and hopefully start stringing succesful naps together.

That said, now that I did oversleep after all, I feel a little bad that I poured milk over myself. That kind of got wasted now that I let myself go anyway. But I'll improve it tomorrow.

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