keskiviikko 8. joulukuuta 2010

Day 21

Phase rating: 1

I got into the action right after waking up, but I'm feeling really, really tired. Compared to the other cores this was somewhat average, but with a slightly below average amount of deep sleep, only an hour. But yeah, had I not kept myself doing stuff I might as well fallen asleep in this spot. Or hell, I was doing stuff yet nearly struggled to fall asleep. Luckily this is a short phase.

Nap 1
Phase rating: 3

I had surprising trouble getting asleep considering how dead I was. My total sleep here was cut to 15 minutes and I didn't even get 10 minutes of REM, gotta be a little dissapointed. My head hurted a bit after waking up, but it was short-lived. As the phase went on I got more refreshed. It's borderline though between 2 and 3. So overall shorter than usual nap still managed to refresh me a bit.

Nap 2
Phase rating:

I dont know about this one. I got up an hour after the first moment of sleep. I guess the questioning by the authorities was sliced up to multiple parts for both of us. I know that I at .least had a dream about it. But yeah, I don't know what I should think about it. I guess it still counts as a success, at least my bed and waketimes seem close enough. The phase itself felt as usual - great, with pretty much no trace of sleepyness.

Nap 3
Phase rating: 5

Ordinary, 15 minutes of light sleep nap for the evening. I noticed that my body creates a lot of heat during this nap. Again, no trouble staying awake for the whole time.

Nap 4
Phase rating: 4

Another 10 minutes without REM. But still the most important thing mantains true that I am getting the sleep here. I'm nailing the evening, just need to make the mornings work. Only slight moments of fatigue at times, solid stuff.

Total sleep 4h 15 min
REM 40 min
Deep 1h
Day rating: 3.6

To be honest I can't be perfectly happy about this day with the low numbers and a lot of tiredness compared to relatively big total sleep. I'm still a long way from adapting.

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