torstai 9. joulukuuta 2010

Day 22

Phase rating: 1

So again I needed all of the alarms to get up, despite falling asleep as early as 2:45. Basicly that tells me that I should aim exatly for the 3 hours. Today is slept 3h 20 mins as it streched from the other end as well. I didn't wake up until my computer's alarm went off. My initial feeling was about average, but now, a little over 30 minutes later, I'm already dead.

I don't know about that core lenght. It seems really hard to hit that sweet spot. This time I woke up after long phase of REM. 3 hours would've been just at the start of this phase, so waking up in time would have set me up for full-REM nap 1. Whether it would've felt better is a different alltogether.

Luckily my state got a bit better after I started playing TrackMania Nations. That game is sleep-deprivation god.

Nap 1
Phase rating: 3

All light sleep once again. That said, it could have been worse, considering I don't feel all that bad.

Nap 2
Phase rating: 4

For some reason Zeo didn't record anything. However, I had vivid dreams - not nightmares really, but still disturbing stuff again, so I think I got plenty of REM. I guesstimated that I had 20 minutes of REM in same-lenght nap. I felt okay, just mostly unproductive during this phase.

Nap 3
Phase rating: 3

I slept for fifteen minutes and it was an usual nap, except for the five minutes of deep sleep I got in th end of it. That made it a bit tough to get up, but I obviously managed it.

The phase was okay, but towards the end I started getting really tired., so that drops the rating. Sucks that I now have so much problems after the start that seemed so promising.

Nap 4
Phase rating: 4

Last nap was as standard as it gets - 15 minutes all light. Still, it was refreshing and I felt great for the whole time. Well, nearly the whole time, I started to get tired towards the end.

Total sleep 4h 40 min
REM 1h 05 min
Deep 1h 35 min
Day rating: 3.2

Okay so I really slept long today. 20 minutes over what the schedule is supposed to say. I don't mind too much, but I can't help but to wonder how it's going to affect my adaptation. I'll be trying to keep my naps closer to 20 minutes and especially the core, I try to avoid it streching too much. 2:45 should be the absolute earliest I head to bed and even that when I'm not feeling tired and think I need some time to fall asleep.

With those numbers though I'd expect to feel a little better tomorrow. We'll see.

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