keskiviikko 29. joulukuuta 2010

I'm a Mess

I guess I have to finally admit it. I've slided back into monophasic schedule instead of starting any kind of nap system.

I'll have a one final try to restart my Everyman with slight changes. I'll try to utilize the SmartWake function of Zeo and use a core of 3h - 3h 40 min, depending on when it wakes me. Basically this means that I'll go to sleep about 40 minutes earlier. I wasn't very productive with that time anyway.

Core 2.20-6 Smartwake
Nap 1 8-8.20
Nap 2 11.40-12
Nap 3 16.40-17
Nap 4 22-22.20
Total sleep 5h

Of course given that this is Everyman and the fact that I've added more time to the core and one extra nap means that I have some flexibility with the nap times. But we'll see if I can even wake up to alarms once again.

I'm also mantaining that I am planning to go for Uberman next summer. If I manage to adapt to this permanently, maybe it can help with that adaptation as well.

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