tiistai 9. maaliskuuta 2010

Third Attempt - Go, Go, Go!

I said in my previous post that I'll be re-attempting in couple of days. But no, I'm re-attempting already. I didn't feel like sleeping the whole night which is understandable, since I tend to stay awake too long. I decided that fuck it, since I'm already staing up I might stay up till 7:45, my normal first naptime.

I didn't feel like I slept much though, I sort of tripped between awake and dream. My sister who was preparing to go to school distracted me a bit.

I feel now pretty rested though, so I guess I at least got an eyeful which is enough in my case. I still don't have any back-up plans other than the "cage" where I put my phone. What is basicly is two dumbells put across and my phone is under them. But it works pretty good. I just need to use more willpower when the sleep deprivation kicks in and getting up gets harder.

I decided also to figure out some kind of goal for my daily routine. This would be my ideal plan for each phase and my goal for this experiment.

Phase 1: 8:15-13:45
This would be my daily chore time. Washing the dishes, cleaning up, etc. kind of stuff would be done here along with streching to get my day started. Anyway I would do everything I need to do so rest of the day would be free for me to use as I wish.

Phase 2: 14:15-19:45
My exercise phase. I'll be doing more intense stuff and also standard football training on this phase.

Phase 3: 20:15 - 1:45
This is hardest part to figure out a meaning. On most days, I'll be spending good bulk of this time watching footie, but this could also include some poker and little bit of other activities as well. Pretty much the free time slot anyway.

Phase 4: 2:15 - 7:45
Nighttime slot is the easiest me to figure out - it would be only natural for me to immerse myself into the more creative stuff, which basicly at my case means writing. That said the poker games are usually very soft at this time, so might as well do that too. Also, another streching session would really do me good. That's also good because streching is a very silent form of exercise.

That is my pretty vague goal I'll be aiming. I don't want to make it more exact as I like to go with the flow and do what I want, but some framework is just good.

See ya.

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