keskiviikko 10. maaliskuuta 2010

Day 2.2 - Another Oversleep Issue

I had a brilliant phase after my first nap today. I slept for 25 minutes and woke up before the alarm. I wasn't espeacially refreshed, but I weren't tired like normally. I went to help my dad in which was tough manual labour and it drained pretty well my energy. But even after that I wasn't feeling like I need to go to sleep. I managed easily to wait for my nap time and wasn't even really tired when I went to sleep for second nap.

For some reason I overslept. My phone was unmoved as if it haven't even been set to alarm, but I vividly remember doing it. It was again only 2h oversleep, so this is not that big of setback. It's another mental blow though, cause the first nap today gave me the feeling I was making progress.

I was very excited before last nap also because I read about Steve Pavlina's successful uberman attempt. It's very good piece to motivate yourself pulling through with polyphasic sleep. I have read about it before, but this time I read it with more detail. There were some good tips. Pavlina thinks that in the adaptation phase is good to throw in a few extra naps to avoid oversleeping. That's something I've planned to do, but only if I start to tire prematurely or something like that. It took him something like week to adapt. I guess I'm at the starting point again because of my oversleeping issues.

I'll do the 19:45 nap normally, unless I'm not tired at all. Right now I feel a bit groggy, though not really tired.

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