perjantai 12. maaliskuuta 2010

Day 3 Still Going On

The concept of day is really interesting while on dymaxion/whatever polyphasic sleep schedule. It feels like I've been on this forever and we're still officially only at the end of day 3. I guess new days starts at next nap, which will be on 6:10 now that I'm transitioning towards more naps.

I actually slept during my last nap. Wow! We'll see if the same pattern continues - the early night / morning naps go swimmingly and the trouble starts in the noon / afternoon. I'm really trying to fight that in what ever way I can.

So rest of my nap times are following:

Notice that I decided to put 10 mins extra to get it in sync with my original schedule, where all the naps started :45 and ended :15. I like that space (I'm thinking of the footy matches - I'd rather miss 15 minutes from the end and 15 minutes from the beginning of the next rather than one 30 minute part of one game.).

I'm feeling really tired now despite waking up before the alarm. Just gotta give myself some time to awaken properly.

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