torstai 11. maaliskuuta 2010

Day 3 - What I'm Trying To Achieve

Okay so I guess I slept for a short while during my nap just now.

Thing is that because I'm oversleeping, I'm getting some REM-sleep that I need. Once I stop oversleeping, I really start adaptation (and regretfully, feeling shit, but that's what you gotta do to fully adapt).

I didn't have a clear vision of where I'd like this to go when I started this so I didn't talk about what is my real goal in this. Hell, I don't even remember what I wrote in those first couple of posts. I better check before posting this.

Anyway, now the image is slowly starting to form. Here are my main objectives:
- Only 2-3 hours of sleep in 4-6 naps. Like I'd said I'm leaving door open for uberman, in fact I'm leaving it wide open. I guess with the extra naps my 'dymaxion experiment' will be more like uberman. I'd be glad if that worked out too, really glad. If that works out, maybe I'll try to slim it down to dymaxion, maybe I'll test out some own stuff, we'll see. That part is still fuzzy.
- Starting to have lucid dreams pretty much every nap. Even half would do. Or third. Let's say one lucid a day? Not aiming too high, though what I've read from people's experiences is that these start coming in once you're fully adjusted. Right now I'm pretty mediocre lucid dreamer, getting those 3-8 in a month, depending on how hard I'm trying. The ones I do get tend also be a bit poor quality with poor control. Whereas polyphasic dreams are very vivid and I'd expect to have better control over them.
- Have some flexibility over nap times. I already have one if I need, though I'm not really sleep into the sleep deprivation yet, so I'll stay cautious of saying anything
- In may (hopefully I'm succeeding by then) I'd like to experiment with some really hard training and see how my body takes it. If it seems not able to recover, I might consider dropping polyphasic for the summer (because I'm training soccer a lot and I don't want to burn myself out), but if it works out.. Maybe I'll keep on doing this for the rest of my life.

It's early days but I already feel great about the time increase. My mind is not yet as clear as with normal sleeping, but I'm not the mess I was at the some points in first and second attempt. Hopefully I don't turn into one once I finally get a couple of days without oversleeping. But I could live with this state of mind for the rest of my life considering all the extra time gained. I feel I'm functioning with 90 % efficiency while gaining at least 30 % more time every day. That seems like a fair tradeoff. The best thing here is that it's only going to get better once I adjust. My effieciency might even rise from the original and If I manage to mantain strict sleeping schedule I'll be gaining 38 % more time (if I think I used to be awake 16 hours a day and it would turn to 22h).

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