perjantai 12. maaliskuuta 2010

Day 4 - First REM

Nap worked perfectly as usual after oversleeps so far, but this time I also had a dream - first time I have a dream on nap in this experiment. But it's nothing to get carried away. It's probably still side effect to the oversleeping earlier. I've had this kind of stuff before. I got near second REM probably in my over 2 hour nap earlier this day, so my body just started the new nap on the part of the cycle that it was when waking up previously. The funny thing was that I actually kind of knew I was asleep and the dream ended when I realized that "SHIT I MUST BE OVERSLEEPING" and seizured awake.

If I will have dreams in my next few naps too, then I'd say that I'm adapting. But that's very unlikely. I feel pretty refreshed after that nap. There's a bit of drowsiness, but I don't feel like I want to go back to sleep instantly. In fact, I just laid in my bed for about 10 minutes after waking up without fearing that I would fell asleep again (bed is so warm and there was a cat on my lap).

But I'd like to test something and continue 'going with the flow' as I have so far. I'd like actually to shorten my nap interval to press on with this sudden REM. I feel that the shorter the time between naps, the easier it would be to have another REM-nap and then keep chaining them together. Once that happens I could start increasing the nap interval again to at least normal uberman levels, maybe beyond.

I don't know whether this even could work, but I want to try it out. I don't know enough of polyphasic sleep to tell if it possible, but my intuition would say that it could be done. So I'll take the next nap hour earlier I planned or once I get tired, which might happen even earlier.

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