keskiviikko 17. maaliskuuta 2010

Last Attempt - Day 1 - Do or Die

Well, do or die sounds a little dramatic, don't you think? I've had my full day awake and just finished my first nap of the last attempt. I've learned a bunch of lessons after three total failures which both had a lot of smaller errors in them. I'm going for uberman right at the start as it's well known that it's possible, unlike dymaxion.

So my package of errors I did and I'm not to do anymore:
- Be stricter with my sleeping times. My schedule were on constant change in the previous attempts, so it's not wonder I kept oversleeping and failing to adjust.
- Plan better - add-on for the previous - I need to keep everything in my plan to avoid having to shift my sleeping times.
- Aim for a little shorter naps. I always put my alarm for over 30 minutes after going to bed, sometimes almost 40 minutes if I wasn't that sleepy. That was because I wanted to give myself time to get to sleep. I aimed to sleep the full of 30 minutes. It's not that important really and 15-20 min is much better, since it's easier to wake up. If you slip into too heavy sleep it's going to be tough getting up.
- Get up no matter what. My last attempt failed because I overestimated my wakefulness and decided to lay down there longer. No more doing that.
- Alternate the alarm's locations and such. I need to keep myself on toes regarding to where my phone is when it starts to alarm me to wake up. I'm surprisingly able while I'm sleeping..
- Autosuggestion. I didn't use it much during my last attempts, now I'm going to add some of this to intensify my efforts. Maybe it helps me waking up as well.

Things I'm expecting to finally to experience, that I have so far not 'enjoyed':
- Serious sleep deprivation. I'm talking about the hardcore shit, where you can't even sit without falling asleep. I've had trouble staying awake when I lie down and extreme drowsiness at times, but I haven't really hit the full gear on sleep deprivation yet.
- Hallucinations - this one is a symptom for the sleep deprivation that I'm yet to experience. I've experienced extreme sleep deprivation in my life before, but never hallucinated (unfortunately I don't even do psychedelic drugs).
- REM on naps. Yes I did experience some REM-naps but they were due to the oversleeps earlier on the day. If I get REM while I have not slept over and hour for days, that's when I condies myself done this.

I'm going to make some formatting changes to my blog now, so here goes.

Day 1.1
Naptime: 0:15-0:45, 30 min
Mental: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Tiredness 0 1 2 3 4 5 - This varies of course, but I answer on this after waking of from the nap.
And then I'll have a short space of text talking about whether I finally had some REM-sleep or not and some random stuff. On the scale I guess 8 is my normal state, where I feel pretty good and 9 is where I feel great. 10 is preserved in case I feel really, really great. I also notice about extra naps etc. in here. This time I'm going to be a little more conservative with those and only use them when I really feel like shit. Tiredness is rougly like this 0 = not at all tire and 5 = I can barely sit without falling asleep. 4 and 3 are pretty bad and 1 and 2 pretty mild.

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