maanantai 15. maaliskuuta 2010

Day 7 - Forget About Yesterday

I fucked it up again. I heavy overslept for 5 hours. It's back to square one for me. Amazingly I did just what I was afraid - lifted the dumbbells of the box and opened it - while asleep.

So now it's back to thinking a ways to avoid oversleeping, but right now I feel pretty helpless. That was so long oversleep that it throw's me off my schedule as well.

I managed to notch up a 10 successive naps.

EDIT: Well, I figured out an another way. As it was the psychological factor that got me with the cardboard-box until I got too used to it, I'm targeting that side again. I'll just put computer's alarm on with sound to the max or anywhere loud and set it couple of minutes after my phones alarm. If I don't wake up to the phone's alarm then I and pretty much whole house is waken up by the loud sound. I hope the fear of that happening will be enough to get me up any time.

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