sunnuntai 7. maaliskuuta 2010

Day 1.1 - Second Attempt Let's Go!

I kicked the dymaxion experiment back on with my 'nap' just now. Thing is just that I didn't sleep one eyeful. This time around I'm going to be much stricter with the napping time. On the first attempt I only went to sleep at the set times - but as I didn't fall asleep instantly I just moved the waking up time onwards so that I could get the 30 mins of sleep. That was the wrong thing to do, since that way my sleeping times weren't stabilized. This time I'm going to have waking up times - I'll wake up that time no matter what, even if I haven't slept a second, like happened on this instance. That way I'm forcing myself more on the schedule My waking times will be 8:15, 14:15, 20:15 and 2:15. So I decided to keep the old times for going to sleep.

Also I made it harder for myself to get around to shutting down the alarm by making a sort of 'cage' for my phone. I hope it works, it shouldn't be as easy at least to just get around to pushing it off asleep.. We'll see. I'll still try to figure out some alternative.

So while I didn't sleep on my first nap, I'll still call this day 1.1 (it's good that this time the day starts at the dawn) and I'm feeling pretty good. My plan is to pretty much watch footie for the morning. I didn't watch last nights matches so I'm going to catch them now on rerun.

See ya!

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