torstai 11. maaliskuuta 2010

Day 2.4 - What's Wrong With Me?

No, I didn't oversleep - I just kind of missed a nap again. I drifted in a near-sleep state for sometime, but I don't think I ever really fell asleep. Though I'm feeling pretty refreshed, so it's possible.. It's weird that I'm not feeling the slightest of sleep deprivation. I'm not in my sharpest state, but I feel fairly good.

I'd expect this half-assed nap to catch up with me so maybe I'll include first extra nap in a few hours, but of course I won't do it if I don't get tired.

I tested my blood pressure and heart rate. My blood pressure were bit on the high side and my heart rate was 55, which is also a bit bigger than my usual, but it's too close to make any conclusions.

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