torstai 11. maaliskuuta 2010

Day 3 - Some Random Thoughts

I started the third day with a nap that was a bit delayed from the normal time because of some work stuff, but only for 10 minutes. The good thing was that I was already feeling tired despite the extra nap. I woke up prematurely because my dad needed more help. I guess I slept like fifteen minutes. I still felt quite refreshed after the nap anyway. The sleep I get from the naps is really weird and I can't grasp where's the line between awake and asleep. The second the alarm sounds I'm instantly alert (unless I'm oversleeping), so it's like dog's sleep in a way.

I sure hope this would finally be the first day I didn't oversleep. I'd consider that major step closer to success. We'll see if I grab another extra nap during this phase. While I did freshen up during the short nap I'm still a bit drowsy so I might need the extra nap. Enough guessing, we'll see.

Some random stuff I've noticed during this experiment:
- The bed feels really, really warm. When I get out of it, I start shivering from coldness. It's crazy. I guess this is more sleep deprivation related, 'cause I've noticed that during sleep deprivation I often feel cold even when there's so warm that I'm sweating.
- No dreams so far, but I haven't really stopped to try to remember one. I guess it would be too early to expect one anyway. If I'd stay on the bed trying to remember a dream I'm afraid I would fall asleep again. I'm not ready for dreams yet..
- I'm eating like an elephant, and unhealthily too. Now usually people go for healthier food on instinct when doing polyphasic sleep, but not me. In my case it's simply function of what there's in the fridge.. Damn you mom. Perhaps I should have a talk with her. Perhaps. Or just grow some discipline.

See ya.

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