perjantai 1. lokakuuta 2010

Recapping After 11 Days

Alright, here's the deal - I had some commitments that forced me to stay up longer than usual and therefore my schedule is messed up. I'll be starting Day 12 with nap at normal time. I'm transitioning to some sort of half-SPAMAYL / half-uberman, I'm going to explain it next.

So far as you might've noticed my performance levels have been fairly sustained mainly due to consistent oversleeps on morning hours. I've been fine in the evening. Therefore I've decided that I keep half of my schedule as it is - 17:35, 21:35 and 1:35 naps stay as they are. From small hours to noon I'll be fighting my sleepiness by using SPAMAYL with 45 minute minimum wake time.

I haven't been very committed in the mornings. My determination has been low as I've gotten more than enough extra hours even with oversleeping and as I feel fine I'm not afraid of sleep-debt accumulation. But with SPAMAYL I'm going to be committed and do my best to keep up the schedule.

This effort could go on for quite a while. Unless I crash heavily on some day (which would indicate that sleep-debt was accumulating after all), I'll keep living with this schedule. I'm happy how everything is going so far.

Let's talk shortly about those mornings. I don't know how many naps I'll be taking, but I'd think I better take the first nap as soon as first ounce of tiredness emerges, just as a pre-emptive measure. It might be that I'll be taking a ton of naps. 45 minutes is my absolute minimum but if possible, I'll try to keep it a little longer. I'll just start calling them "Nap 11.2" instead of days as there now is no set structure and there might be 10+ naps a day. I hope I won't have to do that many, but it's possible.

Eventually I hope to start limiting the naps and seeing where that goes. It might be that I'm just not able physically to do Uberman, so I'll have to find out where my limit is. Limiting permanently my sleep to four hours a day for example would be a great victory.

I'll be easing back to heavier training as well during the first week of October. We'll see how that affects me.

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