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Last 17 Days

Here's my logging from past 17 days. It's failed so far and I haven't strung 7 successful days together, practically not even two. It's probably no use for anyone, and I don't really recommend you wasting your time reading it, but I'll post it anyway. I'll post another post immeadiately after and say some stuff about changing the approach. I'm not giving up on Everyman, on average it's still giving me at least a couple of hours more per day and I don't feel overall that fatigued, it's just the mornings that are tough.

Day 1

Core 6:05-9:05
Nap I 14:05-14:25
Nap II 19:35-19:45
Nap III 0:40-1:50
Sleeptime: 3:50

A near-perfect day. The last nap got over-extended for some reason, I'm still struggling to explain it. That said, it was nothing serious as we're still under 90 minutes. What I'm glad about is that I slept at all, that midnight nap has been my trouble spot so far.

Day 2
Core 7:00-13:00
Nap I Didn't even try
Nap II Missed
Nap III 0:50-1:00
Sleeptime: 6:10

There's a pattern. Good day - oversleep - good day - overleep. I went to bed 5:45, and I was pretty tired, I was very hopeful of getting to sleep quickly. But my brains had other plans. I kept having great ideas and the brains just kept racing. In the end I fell asleep around 7 after shifting my alarm to 9:40. I woke up and intended to play my GBA which I had set aside my bed, but before I even had it in my arms I had fallen asleep again. Luckily I managed to get up after 6 hours rather than sleeping for full nights worth, which enabled me to try to get the two naps as well. That said, the success weren't that good on them. Especially the third nap was tough again, I suppose I could test it at an earlier time on some point - I keep getting tired around 1½ hours before it, but not so once the actual naptime comes.

Day 3
Core 6:45-9:45
Nap I 14:00-15:30
Nap II Missed
Nap III 0:30-0:44
Sleeptime: 4:45

My core was a bit late as I didn't simply wake up to my alarm - it kept ringing and I finally woke up after 30 minutes of that. Still as my time of going to sleep was so late, it was okay and just right lenght core.

The first nap was perfection - was. I overstayed my welcome in bed and fall asleep again, not oversleeping badly, but oversleeping anyway. Originally I fell asleep pretty much at the right time, had dream, and then woke up like 30 seconds before the alarm. But I hit snooze a couple of times trying to remember every detail of the dream and in the end fell asleep completely again.

I missed the second nap, probably due to the extra length of the second one. For the third nap I went to bed really early expecting trouble falling asleep, but I got asleep fairly quickly. My brother awoke me and I blew a fuse, but it wasn't a bad nap. I'm going to survive easily to next core with this.

Day 4
Core 6:20 - 16:00
Sleeptime ?:??

Well I didn't sleep the whole time, I actually fist got up 9:15 and was fairly... Umm, I was tired, but not dead like usually. I could've easily gotten up. But noooo. I decided to do the snooze thingy, but apparently at some point I accidentally turned the alarm completely off and next thing you know, it's 16:00. To be honest I woke up at times, but was too depressed to get up.

I'm very unhappy with myself, but I lack motivation to get up that early. I need to find something to make me get up there, otherwise this might take a while.

Redesigning the schedule
While going to sleep at day four it occured to me that this schedule simply doesn't work - my brain is always racing for some reason around 6 o'clock in the morning so going to sleep at that time just kills my productivity. I need to use that time (like now I'm redesigning my schedule). I have now some sense when I naturally get tired, so let's see.

It's hard to piece this all together.

Core 7.30-10.30
Nap I 14:20-14:40
Nap II 19:40-20:00
Nap III 1:00-1:20

It's a bit varying in terms of wake times, but there's some method to it's madness. Core is shifted a bit later, we'll see if that just shifts my "brains racing" phase. Most notably first nap is much closer to the core. I normally don't do much with that phase anyway and it's definitely my most unproductive phase. I'm groggy after waking up from core and don't even feel like staying awake for too long. Still it's longer than your Uberman phase, so I guess that's the beauty of Everyman. Then I have two normal length phases. Unfortunately I couldn't fit in any nap around 22-23 when I normally get tired. I'll be playing with the schedule in a few days so maybe I can test some change if this doesn't work, but this is how I see it now: Making nap II around that time make the preceding phase too long I couldn't handle it, I suspect and making the last nap that make my final phase reeeeeallly long. I couldn't handle that either. Perhaps if I'd keep my core where it is it would work, but hopefully moving the core makes me tired also a bit later in the evening. We'll see. As this is it should work better.

The first testday will be...

Day 6, as I overslept (again) in the Day 5!
Core 7:45-11:00
Nap I 14:20-14:30
Nap II 19:50-20:05
Nap III 0:50-1:25
Sleeptime: 4:15

First day that I managed to follow the schedule. Nap times seem to be working, I didn't have much trouble getting asleep on any of the naps. I spent a little over four hours asleep and a little over five hours in bed.

Day 7
Let's save time and just say it was a complete fuck up.

Day 8 & 9
Same here. I really do suck.

Day 10
Core 8:10-11:05
Nap I 15-18*
Nap II 2:15-2:35
Sleeptime 6:15

Core was nice, I felt shit in the first wake-phase, Nap I wasn't really 3 hours. I just put the alarm as usual around half an hour later, but when it went off I felt like I had not slept at all. So I put it 20 minutes later. And again. Then finally I decide I've had enough (I had plenty by that point), I start hitting snooze for a long time. So basicly I got plenty of 2-3 minute sleeps in at that point. Finally I got up after 3 hours of napping, but I reckon I slept so much that I can skip the third nap today and this day can't be considered a success.

Day 11
Core 8:10-13:30
Nap I 14:40-16:00
Nap II 0:15-2:00
Sleeptime 8:25

I made the same mistake again. Multiple mistakes: Not getting up right away and then forgetting to re-set alarm after it went off. Therefore I got an extra cycle and gotta limit my naps again. But I insisted on taking a nap very quickly, but once again first tried it three times probably getting over 20 minutes slep and then snoozed the hell out. The last nap got a bit streched too and overall I didn't gain any time compared to normal monophasic schedule. I didn't actually sleep 8 hours though. We'll see if that last nap causes problems to get to sleep in the morning.

To prevent me from napping for extended periods of time, I'll give myself timeframe of around 40 minutes to get my naps, after that I just get up regardless of the fact I've actually slept. Should put some pressure on me.

Day 12
Core 8:30-12:00
Nap I 17:50-18:00
Nap II 18:30-19:00
Nap III Missed
Sleeptime 4:10

Well my falling asleep got delayed a bit and therefore the waking time was pushed a bit late as well. As you can see my naps went a bit close together. I don't mind as it doesn't seem to have affected me negatively. For some reason I didn't even need third nap.

Day 13
Core 8:00-11:10
Nap I 14:20-17:10
Nap II 1:10-1:25
Sleeptime 6:15

My core is consistenly a bit late. I'm happy though that I woke up. It took combined efforts of computer alarm and my phone's alarm though before I did it. The second nap was more of a combination of multiple naps. I had the 20 minute nap normally, but kept laying as I watched football and in the end fall asleep for a combine total of nearly 3 hours. That sucked, but at least I'm not that tired any more. I had to take one short nap in the night to survive for the rest of the night. I spent in bed nearly an hour, but slept only for 15 minutes.

Day 14
Core 8:20-11:05
Nap I 14:50-15:35
Nap II 19:55-20:15
Nap III: 1:00-2:40
Sleeptime: 5:00

Again my brain were just going overboard at the time I was supposed to fall asleep so instead it took me nearly an hour to fall asleep. I enjoyed the first nap a bit too much, but not too much to consider this a failure. I was near a somewhat of a success, but had to ruin it by not getting up when alarm went off for the last nap. How many times I have to make the same mistake to learn? If I'm gonna stay in bed, I need to have the alarm on for like 10 minutes away. Luckily I didn't sleep too long. Let's hope I'd FINALLY have successful day tomorrow. I can take solace from the fact that I've not BADLY failed for three days.

Day 15
Core 8:30-12:20
Nap I 15:00-15:30
Nap II 20:00-20:20
Nap III 1:40-3:20
Sleeptime 6:20

Streched core and fuckin' oversleep at night ruined this night. My schedule is still messed up compared to plan. Another half-bad day.

Day 16
Core 8:50-11:40
Nap I 14:45-15:10
Nap II Missed?
Nap III 0:45-1:00
Sleeptime 3:30

My core got very late, but at least it was of the correct lenght. I don't remember sleeping at all during the second nap, despite staying in the bed for an hour. Perhaps slept for a bit though, since I've been pretty refreshed. Third nap made me feel that I'm really starting to get the hang of it, as I fell asleep fairly fast and woke up way before the alarm.

Day 17:

Well I just completely crashed out. It was originally just two hours oversleep, but I couldn't be arsed to get up and failure is a failure regardless of how many hours it takes, so I got back some sleep debt. Back in action tomorrow.

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