perjantai 29. lokakuuta 2010

New Approach

So basicly the normal, cold turkey approach to Everyman isn't working for me, I just aren't as strict as I need to be. So I'll just shift to more SPAMAYL-typed approach to adaptation that many people are using these days. Basicly it's just getting up from core at a set time every day and then napping SPAMAYL-style for the rest of the day. I'll be using minimum of 90 minutes awake in between the naps. I'll keep 10:30 as my waking up time for the core, but go to sleep when I please before it.

The thing is that so far every time I've gone to bed, be it 6:30, 7:30 or even 8:00, my brain have been on fire - thoughts just fly in and out and I can't really sleep because I'm reflecting on so many things. I hope that eventually that phase will move to an earlier time with this change of schedule.

I'll I'm to the 3 hour + 3 naps schedule and will be streching my wake times whenever I can, but I'd suspect that it'll be more like 1.5 hour + 4-5 naps at the beginning. Let's examine what I have learned on the 17 days so far, this is basicly cliff notes of last post with some observations.
- The night-time phase is for some reason the easiest for me and I can go for really long time.
- In contrast, the morning is tough and usually only 2-3 hour waking time has been approriate. I haven't been very productive either during that phase.
- I have had serious problems with discipline, which I hope this SPAMAYL approach will eliminate. Maybe it won't but hopefully it will. Those discipline issues have gotten a little better, except with the set-back - today's complete crash-out.
- I'm wasting a ton of time trying to get to sleep and at times pushing the snooze button. My first priority will be to establish the habit of getting up properly every time the alarm goes off.

That's all I remember for now. I'll say as a last thing that even this continue's failed attempt still gains hours compared to monophasic, and since I'm not zombie almost ever and there isn't even that many tired hours, it's a win anyway. Only thing that lacks for me is the dream recall, I find it hard to establish a habit of remembering anything when I have to get up instantly and focus just on staying up. I'm the type that really needs to focus to remember the dreams. Well, perhaps it'll get better once I gain some kind of structure.

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