sunnuntai 11. heinäkuuta 2010

Day 20 - Final Day of Biphasical

My schedule has pretty much crumbled in the past couple of days and as a result, I tried short, uberman-styled nap today to cover for my slight sleep-dep. That was a bad idea as I slept right through my alarm and slept for four hours. That's the problem I'm inheriting from my last attempt at Uberman - I'm very proficient in shutting alarm down while still staying asleep.

That casts a shadow in my soon-to-be Uberman-attempt. I've learned not to wake up on alarms, and that's a real problem. Luckily this time I'll have at least two back-up alarms and this time my sister will be around so I think I can trust her to help me wake up during the day, but during the night I'm all on my own. I'll try sleeping in a different place at nights too and hiding my phone around.

When I'm gonna start? Well, actually tomorrow it is. I'm going to sleep as much as I please tonight to clear any remaining sleep debt (there isn't much of that anyway) and then once I hit my first tired moment I'll go to sleep when it's the nap time. This is my schedule this time:
1:40 - Day x.1
5:40 - x. 2
9:40 - x. 3
13:40 - x. 4
17:40 - x. 5
21:40 - x. 6

I'm eagerly waiting for days 2-4, where I'll probably be in pretty bad narcolepsy. Hope this works. This time at least I'll be a lot better prepared. I've read PoreDoxyk's Ubersleep and now how much glaring mistakes I made the first five attempts around:
- Adding extra naps. Seems like logical idea and it was taken from Pavlina's blog, but according to PureDoxyk it's a bad idea.
- Too long effort. I should've quit after a couple of setbacks, not drag it out for a month-long sleep-deprivation marathon.
- Not having back-up alarms. I knew this was a problem, but I just tried to make my only alarm hard enough to shut down. That didn't go well.
- No Big Fat List. I don't know how much this contributed in my failure, I don't remember being bored much, but I guess it'll be helpful to have this around this time.

I guess there's more, but I didn't intend it to become a lenghty post, so I'll leave it at that. I'll have time to write once I start really hitting sleep deprivation in couple of days.

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