keskiviikko 11. elokuuta 2010

Last Day of Freedom

Freedom? What am I talking about. This has been hell! It's like hours in a day never seem enough! It's 17:37 now that I'm writing this and it 11th of August, meaning that after clock hits midnight I'll be polyphasic again. My schedule has been a mess, but at least it has been pretty consistent - I go to sleep around 6 am. and wake up in afternoon. I love staying awake all night, but I know I'm the most effective around mid-day. That is what has drawn me to polyphasic sleep in the first place - I can have the cake and eat it too.

It has been a break on the shorter side, but I feel ready to re-attempt. Just few days ago I was still thinking that I might postpone this for a few days, but I feel inspired to do this right now, as I need extra time as soon as possible.

This time I won't be just sitting idly during the adaptation, I try to keep as productive as possible. I just succumbed to playing games or watching the Simpsons the first time around. However, I won't be doing training with my usual intensity. The soccer season practically ends today. We're all recreational playes and while I could go on till October or as long as pitch can still take it, the others have their schools and commitments to attend to. I'm fine with the break as my ankles have been pretty much trashed and they need few weeks of recovery and rehabilitation. I'll be keeping my training short burst of intense training.

My first nap will be at some point after midnight. I still need to figure out what would be the optimal schedule for me this time and I'll do it later today. I suspect I will be missing the first nap anyway since it's so close after I woke up, only 7-9 hours depending on what time I end up to.

Last time around I lost a ton of weight - I went from 72 kg to 68,5 kg. I'm a skinny guy so luckily it was pretty much fat that got off. I'd not object if I lost some fat this time around too. During these few weeks in monophasic sleeping my weight has stayed pretty stable. Of course the most important thing about the weight loss has been my intense training, but the calorie consumption increase caused by staying awake more might've been the thing that pushed me to losing weight. I've actualy gained some lean muscle mass while getting lighter, though obviously not much.

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