maanantai 13. syyskuuta 2010

Final Attempt Imminent

Final fight for freedom is about to start. I've slept my last monophasic sleep (hopefully) for a while and I woke up from it 10:00 today. My sleeping times this time will be:

This attempt will be a bit different from the last two. It might be more like the March attempt. Autumn has crept in and nights are dark already. I think that darkness is my worst enemy even if during the August attempt nights were the easy part. This time though my inner clock is in sync with day so darkness will really be a problem. I expect them to be at least, we'll see about that. That said, darkness can be useful. It still isn't too cold outside to easily go for a walk in the middle of the night. I hardly think that I can fall asleep in the middle of pitch black darkness, I'd suspect that be too scary.

I'll give myself a week to adapt to Uberman. If it doesn't work, I'll shift to Everyman, which I'm almost certain I can sustain. I'll be monitoring my motor skills by testing my typing speed daily, or should I say nightly, two hours after waking up from first nap of each day. I'll use site to this and I will be doing two test - Finnish words, 1 min to test my max speed and English sentences 2 min to actually involve my brain a bit to it. I'll do one or two attempts depending on how I feel the first attempt went. If I feel I can do better I'll do another attempt.

Here's the control results that I just got, keys per minute:
Finnish 1 min: 361
English 2 min: 282

I actually improved in the Finnish test hugely in my second attempt - I've written mostly English lately. But I got into the groove in the second attempt.

I've also been sick during past few days. My throat is still sore, but otherwise I'm feeling healthy now. It will be another point of interest for this attempt.

I guess that's all for now.

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