lauantai 30. heinäkuuta 2011

Everyman Day 12 - Completely Unnecessary Oversleep

I was going to write a post anyway today to update what has happened so far. Before the last nap of today the answer would have been "not a whole lot", but I just woke up from 1½ hour oversleep. This takes my totals to actually worse numbers than in the December adaptation. Still, I'd argue I'm still feeling better. Anyway, let's see into the reasons of the oversleep.

Quite simple really, two things happened that made this easy if not even likely. First off I went to be really early - 15 minutes early in fact. I wasn't too tired. It was feeling a bit down and not feeling like doing anything that made me do it. I was planning to stay awake for a few minutes before letting myself fall asleep. I did stay up for at least 10 minutes, but any nap lenght of over 25 minutes is still very dangerous. You fall into too deep sleep and get screwed.

I had much trust on my alarms though. Being a veteran of this already I'd knew that I was risking an oversleep when I go to bed early. But I thought to myself, if I fall asleep early I have the safety net of the computer's alarm. I have not needed that many times and I'm certain it would work if needed. So the problem was... Well, I apparently had not activated the whole alarm. That's useful, right? But these things happen which makes me think if I should have two heavier alarms just as two softer ones. Maybe one more, if religiously used, would render oversleeps at least very hard. In fact, I'll start to think about where I'll get one so that I'm pretty well covered in all situations.

Overall program still feels good, no terrible sleep dep, just very short phases of heavier tiredness mostly upon waking. The middle phase of the day, 14-17, still is by far the most unproductive, but it is also the shortest, which is a win-win situation. Or less lose-lose?

The oversleep today was pretty bad, but for some reason it isn't actually bother me that much. I remember a time when an oversleep left me feeling completely fucked up emotionally. Now I don't feel anything like that. I was only a bit annoyed and feel normal now. On an emotional level it's not a big deal maybe anymore, but intellectually I still want to avoid oversleeps as much as possible. I'll think about making oversleeps even harder and maybe do a blog post about what I come up.

I still need to use my days better, not be so complacent and remember the mantra: Stay active!

I'm going to stay active and bugger off to run 5 km. Why don't you folks do the same?

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